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NCIA Marketing Committee
NCIA Marketing Repository The Marketing Committee believes that each CI will benefit from seeing what the other CIs are doing in terms of promoting and marketing their products, services and brand. To that end, you are invited to select the type of piece and the CI to see what other members are doing. To add […]
NCIA Conference in Tucson Focused on Public/Private Partnerships
Correctional Industries Success Depends on the Greater Business Community In our current era of email, texting, Facebook and tweets, it’s more important than ever that we make time to connect with colleagues face to face. And, if those meetings can take place in a world-class resort with well-appointed rooms, five-star dining venues and other relaxing […]
Richard Selapack Earns the NCIA Western Region 2016 Staff Award
Will receive Award in April at the NCIA National Convention and Training Conference in Pittsburgh The NCIA (National Correctional Industries Association, Inc.) is an international nonprofit professional association whose members represent state correctional industry agencies, Federal Prison Industries, foreign correctional industry agencies and city/county jail industry programs. The Staff Award recognizes the superior performance and […]
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Learning to Do “What Is Right Over What Is Quick and Easy”
Working with ACI, “you really hone skills like teamwork, professionalism, communication, problem-solving, and flexibility/adaptability” This article originally appeared in the Winter 2019 issue of NCIA News. For more information on NCIA News, please go to National Correctional Industry Association. As a bright teen with a zest for life, Stephanie Ray experimented with drugs and alcohol […]
New Format for ACI’s 2018 Annual Meeting
Staff Set the Meeting Agenda In preparation for its annual meeting, ACI staff members were surveyed to determine what areas of ACI they would like to hear from at the meeting. Then, once the three areas were determined, they provided questions they would like representatives from those areas to answer. Staff members also submitted questions […]
Providing a Valuable Service While Teaching Offenders Transferable Job Skills
Keefe Created a New Fulfillment Center in Tucson Prisons are like self-contained cities. They provide everything necessary for the well- being of the offenders they house. That includes: daily meals, clothing, housing, healthcare (medical and psychological, including substance abuse programs), jobs, laundry, educational and training opportunities and countless other services to meet the special needs […]
Mutual Trust and Respect Creates Great Partnerships
“I’ve seen some great success stories over all these years working with this population!” This article originally appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of NCIA News. For more information on NCIA News, please go to National Correctional Industry Association. When he immigrated to the US in 1999 to work with an international produce grower with […]