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Arizona Correctional IndustriesArizona Correctional Industries (ACI) – a unique, self-funded, 30-year-old business within the Arizona Department of Corrections – provides “jobs” for 2,000 inmates any given day. Working in safe, positive work and learning environments, inmates gain skills that will help them secure employment upon their release — many in highly skilled trades. The compensation inmates earn at – what for many are – their first paid jobs, go toward savings for their release, room and board offsets, child support and restitution funds.

There are similar correctional industries in most states, many counties and at the federal level. Working with the National Association of Correctional Industries, we provide answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. ACI Backgound

    Can ACI...? Yes. We Can.
    Each year millions of dollars in “profits” generated from sales of ACI products and services go directly to Arizona’s General Fund helping to keep state taxes low. Taxpayers also benefit from more than $8 million in inmate compensation deductions that support Court Ordered Restitution, Victim’s Compensation Fund and more. Inmates who participate in ACI programs are 30% less likely to return to their previous life of crime, saving taxpayers millions more in future court and incarceration costs.

    Begun as a program to help rehabilitate prisoners, ACI today is a vibrant business creating Innovative Solutions for customers while helping inmates gain the job skills to lead Productive Lives.

  2. ACI Website

    This website provides information about all the high-quality products created at our facilities throughout Arizona. As you’ll see, we offer standard and custom-designed products for business, institutional and home use:

    • We can build new or refurbish your existing furnishings.
    • Our printing operation can deliver your multipage forms or create eye-catching invitations and product brochures.
    • Our highly-skilled sewing facilities produce durable institutional clothing, bedding/mattresses and linens.
    • Our bakery provides inmate meals throughout the entire correctional system.
    • At our ranch, wild horses are trained for adoption and feed grains are cultivated for sale in Florence.
    • Inmate work forces provide dependable call center teams, seasonal laborers and highly-skilled, flexible work forces for public and private businesses alike.
    • Specializing in custom-designed products, with an emphasis on Lean Six Sigma processes and customer satisfaction monitoring, ACI has the quality and flexibility to meet your needs.

    Please take a few minutes to look over all the exciting things we offer through this website. It will continue to change as we expand our offerings and make it easier for you to order them. If you can’t find a product that exactly fits your needs, please contact us to learn how we can tailor an existing product or design a new one specifically for you.

  3. ACI Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board provides non-binding strategic advice to ACI management. The informal nature of an advisory board gives it flexibility in structure and management. Unlike a Board of Directors, advisory boards do not have authority to vote on corporate matters nor bear legal fiduciary responsibilities.

    John Mitchell

    John Mitchell, Director of Corporate Engagement, ASU

    The function of the Advisory Board is to offer non-biased information and advice with anything from marketing to managing human resources to influencing the direction of regulators. The ACI Advisory Board is composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives.

    Traditionally, the members of the ACI Advisory Board represent the Department of Corrections, State Government, higher education and the private sector. The current make up of the Board includes:

    • John Mitchell the Director of Corporate Engagement at the QESST Engineering Research Center of the Arizona State University. He helps Arizona State University expand its research enterprise by leveraging his: business development skills, presentation skills, knowledge of intellectual property, and the ability to describe, manage and market intangible assets such as research. All of this is done within a context of responsibility for results while having limited authority.
    • Bob Robson

      Professor of Practice Bob Robson, ASU

    • Bob Robson is a Professor of Practice in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. Between 2001 and 2016 (excluding 2009 -2010 due to term limits) he represented the people of the southeast valley in the Arizona Legislature in the Arizona Legislature; most recently serving House Speaker Pro Tempore and member of the Rules and Insurance committees. Bob owned and operated a Farmer’s Insurance Agency for 34 years.
    • Department of Corrections board members include:
      • Director Charles Ryan
      • Inspector General and Interim Deputy Director Greg Lauchner
      • Inmate Programs and Reentry Division Director Karen Hellman
      • Offender Operations Division Director Carson McWilliams
      • Administrative Services Division Director Michael Kearns
    • ACI Managers at the Advisory Board Meeting:
      • Brian Radecki, CEO
      • Mario Diaz, Operations Bureau Administrator
      • Dale Beatty, CFO
      • Clark DesSoye, Marketing Director

    Meeting biannually, the Advisory Board provides strategic direction, guides quality improvement, and assesses program effectiveness. In recent years, they have helped ACI with its strategic rebranding and made valuable suggestions on ways to broaden its market reach. The Advisory Board Meeting on May 25, 2016 in the Director’s Conference Room on the fourth floor of the Department of Corrections building at 1601 W Jefferson Avenue in downtown Phoenix sparked much lively discussion.

    5/25/16 Board Meeting

    Around table top left to bottom left: Dale Beatty, Brian Radecki (standing), John Mitchell, Paul Boyer, Bob Robson, Deputy Director Hood, Director Ryan, Karen Hellman, Micheal Kern, Bill Foster, Clark DesSoye, Glen Davis

    Advisory Board Meeting 5/12/16 (view 2)

    Director Ryan, Karen Hellman, Carson McWilliams, Micheal Kern, Bill Foster

    Advisory Board Meeting 5/25/16 (view 3)

    Bill Foster, Clark DesSoye, Glen Davis, Brian Radecki (standing), Dale Beatty, John Mitchell, Paul Boyer, Bob Robson

  4. ACI Executive Management Team
    Brian Radecki, deputy director/CEO

    CEO/Assistant Director
    (602) 272-7600

    Dale Beatty, CFO

    Chief Financial Officer
    (602) 447-3113

    Gail Fenkell, assistant deputy director

    Deputy Assistant Director
    (480) 594-6107

    Mario Diaz, Labor Operations Administrator

    Labor Operations Administrator
    (602) 447-3112

    You may also want to review the Organization Chart and Meet the Team.

20 Current O&O Shops employ a total of 779 inmates each day 28 Current Labor Partners employ a total of 1,206 inmates each day

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