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ASPC - Florence

Arizona State Prison Complex – Florence

1305 E Butte Ave., Florence, AZ 85132; 520 868-4011

9 O&O Shops employ a total of 340 inmates each day

Inmates: number of inmates who work in the shop each day
Shop Since Inmates Work Performed Product Categories
Farm198714planting, watering and harvesting fodder grains
Fish Farm201325raise talipia for local markets
Metal Fabrication2001144bend, cut, weld and powder coat steel and aluminum to create institutional and outdoor products. The equipment and skills taught in this program makes it an ideal resource for Arizona businesses.Bunks and Beds
Bike Rack
Outdoor Products
Recycling201010shred and bale used clothing, other fabric, paper, cardboard, and plastic for processing and reuse through various vendors
Sewing - Florence200125make linens and blanketsLinens
Transportation19658loading and unloading of products and raw materials coming into and out of ACI shops across the state
Warehouse196520move product and raw materials inventory into and out of ACI warehouse facilities
Wild Horse and Burro Program201332care for and train (gentle) wild horses and burros in preparation for adoption in coordination with the US Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Wood Shop200162make production CAD drawings, program CNC machines and fabricate custom furniture and cabinets. The skilled craftsman and state-of-the-art equipment make this program an invaluable resource for Arizona businesses.Custom Furniture
Tables and Seating

3 Labor Partners employ a total of 250 inmates each day

[a total of 0 ex-offenders are currently on their staffs]
Inmates: number of inmates who work with the partner each day
#_Hired: number of ex-offenders currently on staff with the partner
Partner Since Inmates Work Performed #_Hired Location(s)
American Curb & Vent20069build custom supports and sheet aluminum venting for HVAC and refrigeration for AZ market0Inside Complex
Hickman’s Family Farms1995221care for chickens, provide farm maintenance and package eggs70Arlington
Right Away Disposal201520sort recycling materials for various uses0Apache Junction

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