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Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI) is a division of the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry (ADCRR).


Arizona Department of Corrections
Safer communities through effective corrections.
Arizona Correctional Industries
Support ADCRR’s Vision, serve as a resource for the public sector and private businesses throughout the state and operate successful business enterprises that help inmates acquire occupational skills and experience.


To serve and protect the people of Arizona by securely incarcerating convicted felons, by providing structured programming designed to support inmate accountability and successful community reintegration, and by providing effective supervision for those offenders conditionally released from prison.
Support ADCRR’s mission and create opportunities for offenders to develop marketable skills and good work habits through enterprises that produce quality products and services for our customers while achieving our revenue, profit, and inmate work increase objectives.

Core Values

Professionalism: Modeling the idea
Responsibility: Owning your actions
Integrity: Doing the right thing
Courage: Taking action despite fear
Efficiency: Making every action count

PRICE: reflects values that are of worth and significance to our agency and the state of Arizona

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12 Responses to About Us
  1. Can I be a individual buyer if I don’t have a company

  2. How does an inmate enroll in this program and is it available at the Kingman facility or how do they get started in the program right away?

    • Hello Becki,
      When there are openings at any ACI program they are posted in the units from where eligible inmates are pulled (just like jobs on the outside). The program supervisor will then interview applicants and those selected will be hired (and any necessary DOC paperwork filed).Let them know to be on the lookout for these postings because as inmates are released, openings will be available.
      Thanks for your interest in our programs in Kingman.

  3. What is the hourly rate paid to inmates.

    • Thanks for the question, Ed,
      Inmate wages vary upon the job they perform, how long they have been doing it and who they are working for.
      Jobs within the Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry generally pay between 40 cents an hour up to $1.50 an hour.
      Jobs within ACI and its private business partners pay between 80 cents and hour and the hourly rate paid for civilian laborers doing the same type of job in the area, in some cases $15 an hour or more.
      Please bare in mind that all inmates working in these programs do NOT have other expenses that their civilian counter parts have, such as healthcare, FICA, transportation, housing and other insurance and tax costs. So the wages they earn go a lot further.

  4. I am looking to purchase approximately 100 of the 4′ and 6′ feet MPPR9003ARMS Bus Stop Bench, which is the 2-seat and 3-seat bench for our Transit Company here in Tallahassee, FL. Is it possible someone can send me a quote by quantity.

  5. What do the proceeds go to?

    • We are not sure what proceeds you are asking about, James
      If you are asking about what ACI does with its net income each year, that money is used to create new programs where inmates can learn marketable jobs skills. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand the breadth of training we can provide inmates. Nearly a quarter of ACI’s net income goes to fund educational programming and other services provided by the Department of Corrections to inmates. The State government will, from time to time, take money from ACI’s reserve account to fund other projects throughout the state or to replenish the general fund.
      If you are asking what inmates do with the wages they earn working in ACI shops or for our labor contract partners, some of that money goes toward paying court-ordered restitution and some may go towards room and board. Many inmates use their earnings to pay child support or other efforts to support their families on the outside.
      In summary, the incomes that ACI generates for itself and the inmates in its programs all gets pumped back into the Arizona economy.

  6. I live in Connecticut. Do you ship products?

    • Thanks for your interest in our products, Carol
      Yes, we do ship and the shipping costs are calculated based on the total order at the time of purchase.
      However, ACI is prohibited (by law) from selling items made by our inmates to private companies or individuals outside of Arizona.
      We can sell these products to government entities (such as federal or state agencies, municipalities, public schools and universities) and non-profit organizations anywhere in the country. So if you want to buy one of our products as an agent for a public or non-profit entity, please go ahead and place your order and one of our customer service representatives will contact you soon to arrange a delivery schedule and payment with you.


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