Customer Service, Administration and Accounting Staff Joins the Team

Feeling welcome in the first few days of a new job is significant to a new employee’s success. So please stop by or give these new members of the ACI team a call and introduce yourself.

This Spring (2018) new faces appeared in our Sales and Accounting departments:

Cinda Lockwood, Account Manager

Account Manager
Office: (602) 447-3147

Cinda comes to ACI with over 20 years of outside sales experience. She also has years of experience, and success, selling to the State of Arizona (various departments) for printing, office furniture and many other items.

Cinda will be taking over Ray Sibbitt’s area that was vacated when he retired. Some of her areas include Florence, Chandler Schools, Maricopa, Yuma and soon to include Arizona State Parks.

She is a welcomed addition to the sales staff.

Christiana Bayode

Accounting Specialist 1
Office: (602) 447-3114

Christiana Bayode, Accounting Specialist 1, has joined the Cost Accounting & Inventory Control department.

Ms. Beyode brings with her years of experience in accounting field. Please join me in welcoming her to ACI.

Last November (2017) we filled a couple of vital positions that have improved service for customers and vendors:

Angelica Davis, customer service representative

Customer Service Representative
(602) 447-3123

Anjelica Davis has joined the Customer Service staff as Customer Service Representative. She previously worked for the Litchfield School District in human resources. Prior to that Anjelica helped make arrangements for emergency housing for the Arizona Department of Housing.

Jennifer Reitan, Buyer II

Buyer II
(602) 447-3159

Jennifer Reitan has joined the Accounting Department staff as a Buyer II. She was a key member of the same department until September of this year when she completed her sentence and was released from ASPC-Perryville. Jennifer is the first former inmate to be hired at ACI since 2011, when the policy was changed and such hires were no longer permitted. Earlier this year, the policy was again changed to reflect the department’s focus on improving reentry results for former inmates. “We want to show private businesses that we are walking the talk,” says ACI CEO Brian Radecki when he announced this new hire at the Annual Meeting in October. “We’re constantly asking local businesses to hire the skilled, ex-offenders from our programs but the Department itself had policies against such hires,” he went on. “I’m excited that going forward, we can offer positions to qualified ex-offenders who have demonstrated the work ethic and learned our processes and procedures while working in our administrative offices. I know that Jennifer will be a great addition to our staff because she has already proven herself through the work she did with us during her incarceration!”

Earlier in 2017 we welcomed others who have already become key members of the ACI Team:

Brenda Pereyra, Accounting Staff

Accounting Staff

David Barbee, Epicor ERP and IT support

Systems/ Local Area Network Administrator
(602) 447-3153

Jody Virgil, Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative
(602) 447-3164

Brenda Pereyra has joined the Accounting staff in the accounts payable department.

Jody Virgil hit the ground running after having this position open for so long. Please stop by and say hello to Jody our new Customer Service Representative. Jody will be providing much needed assistance in our growing public sector business and will be taking the lead for business cards down the road a bit. We are excited to have her here as part of our ACI Central Office staff.

David Barbee has joined the accounting team to help with accounts payable. David has a diverse background in different industries and job functions. Most recently he has been providing internet marketing services to small businesses in the Phoenix area.

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