Honors Awarded at Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Meeting Building AlliancesArizona Correctional Industries management understands the important role that its dedicated staff and partners play in its continuing success. Each year, at its annual meeting awards are given to select programs and individuals in recognition of the outstanding achievements they made in the previous fiscal year.

The event featured:

  • Morning presentations by Mario Diaz, Operations Bureau Administrator, and Bernie Bronson, AMS Facilitator
  • A powerful Keynote address from Kevin McCarthy
  • An Interview with Division Director Karen Hellman and CEO Brian Radeki
  • Lunch catered by Nibblers
  • Interviews with three ACI area managers selected by staff
  • Interviews with 3 former inmates and their current managers
  • The Awards Ceremony

because event center
Held at the Because Event Center, this full day event concluded with a ceremony to honor several outstanding individuals, shops and partners.

James Martin receives 30-year pin

James Martin, IPS with Safety Services (ASPC-Yuma) received his 30-Year Pin
(left to right) James Martin, Mario Diaz, Brian Radecki

2018 Platinum Award, Tag Plant

Randy Price, ACI License Plate Plant Manager, receives the Platinum Award for outstanding owned and operated shop from CEO Brian Radecki

Two awards were presented to Mario Diaz for outstanding Labor Contracts to Arizona Structural Laminators and Erickson Construction. Later the plaques were presented to the Labor Contract Partners themselves.

Labor Contract Partners Awards

Mario Diaz receives the Labor Contract Partner Awards from CEO Brian Radecki

Labor Contract Partner Award, Arizona Structual Laminators

Michael McCarville (l), ACI Regional Manager, presents plaque to, Steve Nicoll, the owner of Arizona Structural Laminators

Labor Contract Partner, ASL

(l-r) Michael McCarville, ACI Regional Manager, Steve Nicoll, the owner of Arizona Structural Laminators, Eric Ballejos, ACI IPS

Customer Service Manager, Tom Brown (who also organized the Annual Meeting) explained how the process of selecting the ACI Employee of the Quarter and Employee of the Year changed in 2018. The new Employee Awards Committee meets each quarter to review the nominates submitted by ACI staff members. (see details below).

This year’s Employee of the Year Award went to Mario Hernandez, IPS working with Keefe (ASPC-Tucson). Read about his outstanding work in a previous post.

Customer Services Manager and Event Organizer, Tom Brown

Tom Brown explained the process of selecting the ACI Employee of the Year

Mario Hernandez, ACI 2018 Employee of the Year

CEO Brian Radecki presents the ACI 2018 Employee of the Year to Mario Hernandez

Recognizing ACI Staff Members

All ACI Staff can nominate any team member within or outside your work location/department from any location, any shop, any department. Feel free to nominate deserving staff for consideration at the next committee meeting.

Be sure to review the official ACI Standard Operating Procedures for the committee and the Nomination Form that you will need to submit to nominate a staff member. This form is electronically fillable but, you must sign prior to submission.

ACI staff members may submit their nomination to a committee member, the Committee Chair Person (Yancy Ramirez) or the ACI HR Office.

The FY2018 committee members were:

Committee Chairperson: Yancy Ramirez

Committee members (8):

  • Reynaldo Holguin, Bus Development [Regional Manager: Mike McCarville]
  • Travis Nelson, Bus Development [Regional Manager: Eric Cole]
  • Rene Valdez, Bus Development [Regional Manager: Bruce Shiflet]
  • Tom Brown – Sales/Customer Service Department [Sales Manager: Tom Allen]
  • Kim Keever, Business Office [CFO: Dale Beatty]
  • Richard Parham, Owned & Operated [Regional Manager: Al Wesley]
  • Alan Drury, Owned & Operated [Regional Manager: Gregg Hillebrand]
  • Randy Helm, Owned & Operated [Regional Manager: Bill Foster]