Experienced Professionals Begin Working at ASPC-Florence

Tracey Sywarungsymun

Tracey Sywarungsymun (pronounced see-war-ung-see-mun), new CIPS at the Bakery! Tracey started with ACI on March 13, and has previously worked for Trinity Services Group as the Kitchen Manager for North 2 and East Units at the Florence Complex. She’s also worked in the private sector as Lead Baker/Night Manager, and is a graduate of Scottsdale Culinary Institute. We’re glad to have her working with us!

JJ Anderson

JJ (William) Anderson is the new CIPS at Wild Horse Training. He started working for us on Dec. 19

Dave Schultz

David Schultz is a new driver at Florence Transportation who started on Jan. 2.

Tom Martin

Tom Martin is driver at Florence Transportation who started on Jan. 17

Don DiMaio

Don DiMaio is a floater IPS for Mr. Wesley. Don worked at the Michigan State Prison for 15 years.

Jorge Hernandez

Jorge Hernandez (you can call him George) was a Lt. with ADC in Florence until his retirement 3 years ago. He is the new IPS for graveyard shift for Fish/Farm/Ranch

David Daniels,

David Daniels, a new driver for Transportation in Florence. David started with ACI on Dec. 5, 2016

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