Bus Stop Shelters

Gila Bend Sheriffs Office

Roper Lake

  1. Specifications

    $2,700* delivered

    To ensure durability, color stability and long life, all ACI outdoor metal fabrication products are:

    • Carefully finished1
    • Primed2
    • Powder coated3


      *Recently quoted prices. Your actual price will depend upon full specifications. Standard Bus Stop Shelter prices start at $2,700 and include delivery.
    1. Careful finishing: all welds and seams are sealed and sanded, leaving no rough or sharp edges.
    2. Priming: an undercoat that ensures the metal is never exposed to moisture that can rust and corrode.
    3. Powder Coating: a free-flowing, dry powder coating applied electrostatically and cured under heat. This allows it to flow and form a “skin” that is tougher than conventional paint.
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  2. Branding


  3. Customization


  4. Enhancements


  5. Delivery and Installation

    Delivery and Installation

  6. Available Powdercoat and Polyarmor Colors

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