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COVID Mitigation

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 health concerns, ACI has revamped a couple of its manufacturing facilities to make much needed safety products. Working with schools, state agencies and private businesses, ACI production teams have created many new items to help you reopen safely.

ACI Covid Mitigation items help you protect your staff, students and customers.

The face coverings and gaiters are also available in different fabric colors with logo imprint (in testing now). Most want white so they can be laundered with bleach.

Our “Custom Kit” are individual packets containing:

  • Single use sanitizer
  • One wipe
  • Disposable (paper) mask

These Covid items can be combined, all or in part, to provide the right solution to welcoming employees (or students) back to the office or school.

Packets ship within 2 weeks and include customer label (logo or company name) affixed to packets
(Allow 4 – 6 weeks for customized pouches)

Featured Videos

ACI recently delivered hundreds of bio-shields to the Casa Grande school district.

Case Studies

Casa Grande Elementary Schools

Casa Grande School District

Challenge: As administrators and parents developed procedures to safely reopen district schools for in-person instruction during the COVID-19 crisis, Lisa Costales, the purchasing manager, got an e-mail from her ACI account manager detailing new safety products being developed. She went ahead and ordered a supply of the new, washable, cloth face masks and asked for more information about the Personal Protection Privacy Screens. She thought they might be a good way to the created separation between students.