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Common Market (Swift), Phoenix, AZ

Swift transportation

Challenge: The managers at Swift needed to find a steady work crew to provide complete semi-tractor and trailer repair services for their fleet of trucks.

Solution: Working with the Labor Partnership team a large pool of potential workers was identified among the prison population at the ASPC Lewis with the skills Swift management was seeking. Then the Lewis facilities managers helped identify a secure space within the complex where Swift could build out a fully equipped facility to perform the various repair and maintenance services the trucks in their fleet needed.

Based purely on speculation, Swift made the substantial investment to build the structures and bring in the equipment and tools. Once built they brought in their top heavy vehicle technicians to began training their new inmate work crews. This successful partnership began in 2003 and, prior to the Covid crisis, employed 130 inmates each day (on average) in their facility inside the ASPC Lewis prison complex. Currently 83 inmates are working at the facility daily and 10 ex-offenders have secured full-time jobs with Swift.