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Mario Diaz, Labor Operations Administrator

Labor Operations Administrator
(602) 447-3112

Former inmates with questions about to their 1099s from their time working with ACI should call the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry at (602) 542-8182
ACI does not generate, maintain or have access to inmate 1099 forms.
Derrick Hoskins, labor contracts

Safety Compliance Officer

Corinne Hines-Samuelson, inmate hours

PPSI, Labor Contracts
(602) 447-3133

Corina Gutierrez, labor contracts

Inmate Program Project Specialist
(602) 447-3152

Bruce Shiflet, regional manager

Labor Operations Manager
(602) 447-3130

Eric Cole, regional manager labor contracts

Labor Operations Manager
(602) 447-3132

Michael McCarville, regional manager labor contracts

Labor Operations Manager
(602) 447-3129

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