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I’ve gained valuable experience and work history to fill the gap in my resume

The Success of ACI

I would like to shed some light on an ongoing problem we face in this state and many others. The recidivism rate of convicted felons returning to prison has remained around 76.6% within the first year of release. This is because a lot of ex-convicts get release with dormant skills, no money, and a dusty resume. Unfortunately, because of these obstacles, a lot of ex-cons fall back into their old habits, hence the 76.6% recidivism rate.

Thanks to ACI/Trapp Technology, I will not face many of these same obstacles most ex-cons do. During my employment through ACI, I’ve learned new skills, received extensive sales training – from a very talented sales director – and practiced being in an everyday work environment. In doing so, I’ve gained valuable experience and work history to fill the gap in my resume. These skills and experience are a huge contribution to my early and future success.

The monetary benefits of ACI will allow me to save enough money to get on my feet and feel stable upon my release. This eliminates a lot of the early challenges most ex-cons face. Working for ACI/Trapp Technology has been a wonderful opportunity. It has benefited me greatly and prepared me for an easy transition back to society with a bright future ahead.

Due to this program, I can confidently say I will not contribute to that large percentage of re-offenders. 

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