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It has inspired me to begin believing in myself

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work for the Televerde organization through ACI during my time at Perryville.  While, it may sound a bit extreme; I would say that it has changed my entire life.

Before Televerde I was quite broken, unsure of myself and unaware of what I could achieve and contribute.  I had little to no hope of an alternate future… floating from one place to another at the mercy of circumstances. I was empty.

Today, although still growing and healing, I am not sure what my divine purpose is; but I have hope. Televerde believed in me and this has inspired me to begin believing in myself. More than just moment of encouragement, through my work at Televerde I am surrounded by motivated, caring, and motivational people five days a week. I am part of a team that shares common goals to serve each other and our clients. Televerde saw something of my potential and is teaching me how to tap into this through consistent coaching, education, and skill development.

Now, I hold myself accountable for my professional and personal development. My standards have shifted to an understanding that I am not entitled to an alternate future, but must work hard every day to achieve that. My life started over, when I began at Televerde and this has affected every part of who I am and what I do and the choices I make.  I am looking forward to a new future.

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