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It helped me to make the changes in my life that needed to be changed

What Has ACI Done For Me?

I’ve been incarcerated for a long time. In 2008 I was given the opportunity to work an ACI job. This work program has in some ways helped me to make the changes in my life that needed to be changed, and has made my time a bit easier to do. ACI has given me the opportunity to prepare for my future out there in the world. This program has given me a chance to learn different job training in many areas, and to earn money to provide for myself to reduce the burden on my family. I am able to provide things for my children, like school supplies, clothing, and shoes. I’ve also been able to save up and purchase additional things for my boys. ACI has allowed me to grow, mature, and get away from prison life and habits. I’ve earned and saved money for my release. This will help me get what I need: a car, place to stay, clothing, and tools. It will make my transition back into the world a bit easier and not so stressful.

I’ve met a lot of people over the years that really care about helping us, and bettering us for the real world. The possibility of providing opportunities to work for them upon release means a lot to many of us. Knowing that I have a job leaving prison is a real big relief and a good feeling. Working for companies that trained us and who are willing to give us inmates another chance that we would not get in too many places out there is a really big thing. Trusting us that we will not fail them is a really good feeling. That we are truly not alone and that there are people looking out for us, but it’s up to us to make this work for us and change our lives, to educate when possible and not be afraid to dedicate our time to learning as much as we can so that one day we can help the next person out when they need it.  This program really does work for those who are really ready for a change in their lives; and those who are looking to go in a different direction, rather than the one that keeps bringing them back to this place.

So, yes, I trust and believe that ACI work programs have had a big impact on my life. In its own way, it’s given me the opportunity to gain more work skills, help change my ways to better myself, and to have a better chance out in the world. When it comes time for me to be released I’ll be effective out there in the work force and not go back to any illegal activities that would bring me back to this place.  I can also take what I’ve learned and pass it on to my children once I’m home with them.

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