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Sewing Shops Step Up to Meet Huge Challenge

Congratulations to Michael Moreno, John Hawley and Francisco Garcia

In mid March, ACI received an order from the Correctional department worth over $3 million dollars. Department regulations dictated that this order had to be completed by the end of June (our fiscal year). Typically, an order of this size would take 5 or 6 months to complete, especially in conjunction with dozens of other standing and pending orders.

In other words, this huge order presented a significant challenge to our Florence, Perryville and Douglas sewing shops.

Happily, through the leadership of Michael Moreno (Florence) John Hawley (Perryville) and Francisco Garcia (Douglas) these shops produced and shipped all the clothing, towels and bedding on time. These gentleman worked tirelessly to make sure we met our commitment and deserve our congratulations as ACI, June 2013 employees of the month. 

Brian Radecki – Phoenix, AZ – July 11, 2013