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At Work During COVID-19

ACI Staff and Inmates Adjust to Crisis

Perryville Sewing
The ASPC-Perryville Sewing shop has added new PPE products, like cloth masks and washable gowns to help support local businesses.

With the inmate clerks restricted at the Perryville complex, several ACI administration staff are supervising them in a temporary office inside the prison. The staff and inmates who would usually work out of ACI's Administrative offices in Phoenix have adjusted.

ACI Admin
ACI finance and sales/customer service staff members rotate from working at home, working at the offices in Phoenix and working at the temporary offices in Perryville.
print shop
The ACI Print Shop, also within the Perryville complex, is still working hard while observing the new CDC and HHR guidelines.
print shop
With the sudden increase in unemployment, the Department of Econommic Security (DES) needs thousands of application forms and the ACI crews are meeting the challenge
Print Shop
Labels for Hickman's Family Farms Eggs still need to be printed during the crisis.