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After years of working with most state agencies, we have an extensive library of graphic images in addition to the universal traffic sign images. With the right kinds of digital files we can also recreate your unique logos and other graphics on silk-screened or adhesive vinyl signs. But please remember that our highly-specialized equipment requires very specific digital files with vectorized artwork.

Some programs that can generate these types of graphics files include:

  • Flexisign (version 10 or lower)
  • Casemate
  • Corel Draw (X4 or lower) [.cdr]
  • Adobe Illustrator (CS2 or lower) [.ai]

Many programs can output acceptable files such as:

  • Encapsulated Postscript (.esp) [.esp]
  • Unsecured PDF (in PC format, high-res; 600+ dpi) [.pdf]
  • BMP (high-resolution; 600+ dpi) [.bmp]
  • JPEG (high-resolution; 600+ dpi) [.jpg]

These file types are usable (in most cases), but extra charges may apply if they need to be converted into vector art (such costs priced individually).

Should a specific type font be required, the name and supplier of the font should be included with your order. If we do not have this font in our library, we will ask you for a copy of it from your computer font library (or we will need to charge you for any costs we incur to obtain it).

Please specify any Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors that you want matched within your artwork. We will do our best to match any colors you require, but it may not be possible to get exact color matches.

Other Artwork Submission Options
We can also accept clean, camera-ready black and white artwork and bitmap artwork, but additional charges will apply to scan, vectorize and clean up your artwork.

Faxes, copies, business cards, photographs and web images can only be used for illustration, but they are not usable in our processes.

Designs that require more than one rework and resubmission, or with extraordinarily complex design, will require additional design and setup fees. These fees are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

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