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ACI manufactures custom, aluminum and copper embossed plates. The aluminum plates are coated in a wide variety of colors (see column to the right). Copper plates are finished with a protective clear coat that prevents corrosion. Both plates are available in a wide variety of text (ink) colors for the embossed letters (see below).

Top legend (ARIZONA) and bottom legends (GRAND CANYON STATE or HISTORIC) are available for both copper and aluminum plates with a single row of center characters. Double row center characters will not allow top or bottom legends due to the amount of space needed.
Download the Current Catalog

When ordering please remember that all letters will be capitalized (no lower case letters available) and be careful to distinguish between similar looking letters and numbers, e.g.:
Letters L or I and the number 1
Letter S and the number 5
Letter G and the number 6
Letter Z and the number 2
Letter B and the number 8
Complete the Worksheet/Order Form to submit with your order.
  1. Characters Available

    The letters A – Z are all available, as well as all the numbers 0-9. A limited number of symbols that are available:

    Ampersand (&)
    Question Mark (?)
    Number Sign, Pound Sign, Hash Tag ( # )
    Exclamation Mark (!)
    Forward Slash (/)
    Dash ( – )
    Saguaro Cactus (two spaces)
    Quotation Marks ( “ ” )
    Heart (two spaces)
    Period ( . )
    Dollar Sign ( $ )
    Handicap (wheel chair)
    Coyote (two spaces)
    Quail (two spaces)
    Star (two spaces)
    Horse Head (two spaces)

    Available Characters

  2. Text Colors


  3. Background Colors (aluminum plates only)

    Plate Colors Thumbs

  4. Plate Style ‘A’ (up to 7 characters)

    Plate Style A
    The character on plate style “A” measure 3 inches high and can fit up to 7 characters on a single plate.
    All of the letters, numbers and special characters are available.
    Available CharactersAlternate bottom legend: HISTORIC

    Novelty Plate bottom legend Historic

  5. Plate Style ‘B’ (up to 8 characters)

    Plate Style B
    Plate style “B” allows one more character than style “A”, for a total of 8 characters. The characters measure 2.5″ in height.
    The only special characters available for style “B” are:
    Style B Special CharactersAlternate bottom legend: HISTORIC

    Novelty plate Historic bottom legend

    Dash ( – )
    Quail (two spaces)
    Coyote (two spaces)
    Heart (two spaces)
    Saguaro Cactus (two spaces)
    Star (two spaces)
    Horse Head (two spaces)
  6. Plate Style ‘C’ (up to 16 characters)

    Plate Style C
    Plate style “C” has characters that measure 1.875 inches high in one or two lines. Maximum of 8 characters per line. When you choose the double line option, you do not have the option of the top and bottom legends (Arizona and Grand Canyon State).
    All of the letters, numbers and special characters are available.
    Available Characters

In addition to the novelty plates below, ACI also makes many gift items out of these plates so be sure to see what is currently available.

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