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From all-weather picnic tables to institutional seating arrangements, ACI can provide the furnishings you need. We offer full lines of ACI standard office solutions (see below) as well as desks, chairs, work station systems from top manufacturers. We can also fabricate custom tables and cabinets to meet your specifications.

And, if new is out of your price range, we can refurbish any piece of furniture to give it a second life.

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  1. ACI Office Furnishings

    The Wood Shop at Arizona Correctional Industries takes pride in creating employment opportunities for inmates upon their release. Logging more than 150,000 hours each year, roughly 70 inmates are provided valuable hands-on experience on a wide assortment of tools and modern shop equipment, such as edgebanders, CNC, dovetail and boring machines. They also gain experience in specific manufacturing procedures, teamwork, and software such as CAD and cabinet software. The highly sought-after experience they gain while working at the Wood Shop opens doors for inmates upon their return to society.

    Our commitment to inmates also extends to our customers. The Woods Shop strives to manufacture furniture and cabinetry that not only looks good but are also designed to last. We take every effort to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

    ACI’s Wood Shop has been building quality furniture and millwork for over a decade. The majority of our products are laminate and hardwood office furniture and cabinetry. We offer a complete line of standard products and, if needed, offer custom manufacturing. Our public-sector clients include schools, fire departments, government offices, and airports. Private-sector clients include banks, universities, and retail stores. We also build cabinets for local cabinet builders.

    Not all furniture and millwork are built alike. Although two products might look good on the outside, the real sign of quality is what’s found inside. Whereas other manufacturers choose materials to bolster their bottom line, ACI selects materials based on what provides the customer the best product for their money. We communicate regularly with our suppliers to review options for a given application in order to provide the best durability and consistent finish. If you want proof, just compare the construction of our cabinets to others.

    Our pricing is competitive even when compared to big box stores and online retailers. Our sales representatives and design engineers work closely with customers to carefully illustrate each installation. The Wood Shop then works closely with its material providers to select the best raw materials for the customer’s job.

    ACI offers curb-side delivery anywhere in Arizona. We also provide installation for an additional fee.

    Lastly, ACI warranties all of its products against all defects or damage incurred during transportation or installation.

    Office Solutions
    Not all office furniture is built alike. Many box stores and online retailers select only the cheapest materials and assembly methods in order to compete on price alone. Their cabinets may look good on the outside but before long slides may tear from their side panels, drawer faces pull away from their drawer boxes, and bottoms sag and break. The once attractive and inexpensive furniture soon becomes unsightly and costly to repair or replace. At ACI, we intentionally build our furniture above industry standards of quality. This commitment means our furniture will withstands years of constant use.

    All of our cabinet panels and stretchers are constructed using .75″ thermally bonded melamine. The entire cabinet is assembled with dowels for extra strength.

    Drawer slides are the most common place for manufacturer to skimp on quality. ACI’s Wood Shop goes the extra mile to give you the best quality. Standard on all drawers are heavy-duty, 100 pound capacity, full extension, ball bearing slides that permit easy adjustments to drawer faces once they are installed and leveled.

    ACI furniture construction: drawerRELIABILITY
    The most common failures are drawers and at the base where the cabinet meets the floor Even with normal use, screws loosen and drawer faces pull away from their boxes and slides pull out from their panels. Water from mops and impacts from vacuums damage bases. And this all stems from substandard box material.

    Our drawers use 9-ply birch-core plywood so faces and slides remain firmly anchored. Our drawers are assembled using tongue-and-groove joints so our drawers have the strength to last many years of heavy use. And most furniture has hardwood bases to protect from water and breakouts when furniture is moved.

  2. Phoenix Series Office Solutions

    The Phoenix Series represents the perfect blend of quality and cost. Our Phoenix Series office furniture enjoys the same material selection and assembly procedures as our more expensive lines, so you know it’s built to last, and with its modular design and selection of laminate finishes, you can easily furnish any office layout to perfectly fit your needs and style.

    Shop below.

    Do you need to match existing furniture in your office? For a nominal upcharge, you can customize the finish of the furniture in this series from any of the standard laminates from Wilsonart™, Formica™, or Pionite™. Contact your sales representative to determine price and availability for any custom laminates.

  3. Tucson Series Office Solutions

    The Tucson Series upgrades our Phoenix line of office furniture with the addition of hardwood trim. Hardwood trim on an office suite is both attractive and professional.

    Shop below.

    You can customize the look of your furniture by choosing between any of three edge details at no additional cost. For durability and consistency during staining, ACI uses only maple hardwood for all of its hardwood edges.

    Tucson Series hardwood edges

    ACI offers six stain selections: five that match the standard laminates as well as solid black. You can choose to have the stain match the laminate or you can select a different stain color to intentionally add contrast. For a nominal charge, ACI can match the stain of your existing furniture. Please contact your sales representative for information on custom stain matching.
    Tucson Series hardword edge stains

  4. Standard Laminates

    ACI Furniture Standard Laminates

  5. Pulls

    ACI Furniture Pulls

  6. Credenzas

    To create a custom credenza, follow these easy steps:
    1. Select a Phoenix or Tucson series Work Table based on the desired overall dimensions
    2. Choose one or more under-desk pedestals from the same series (Phoenix or Tucson)
    3. Specify the desired configuration: Left, Open, Right
    4. You can add a fixed shelf between the pedestals (using WS-PHX-C-S or WS-TUC-C-S)
    5. If you want doors for the fixed shelf, then add WS-PHX-C-DDR or WS-TUC-C-DDR

  7. Top Selling Manufacturers

    With significant discounts off MSRP,* ACI customers can enjoy affordable pricing on top selling office furnishings and chairs from:

    *MSRP: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

  8. Characteristics of Wood

    Our cabinets and furniture represent a careful selection of materials. While every effort is made to match wood grain as closely as possible, no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, even those from the same tree. These differences in color and grain mean each piece will respond differently to the finishing process. It’s these variations that contribute to the beauty and distinction of quality wood products.

    Over time, exposure to sunlight, smoke and chemicals may cause some finishes to fade or vary from their original color. This is why cabinets or accessories purchased at a later date may not exactly match cabinets or furniture installed now. For the same reasons, a door sample or display may not represent the exact color of cabinets received at the time of shipment. You should also read all cleaning agent instructions carefully before using them on your cabinets or furniture.

    All woods are affected by moisture and seasonal changes of humidity. In high humid condition, wood will expand, in lowhumid conditions the wood will contract. This normal wood movement is more noticeable with mitered joints. It is important to maintain year-round humidity levels at around 35%, and wood products should not be exposed to extreme fluctuations in temperature and or humidity.

    NATURAL FINISH: All woods in a natural finish will exhibit some color change (mellowing) when exposed to light. Any natural color variation within the wood will be more pronounced with a natural finish.

    STAIN VARIATIONS: Each species of wood has natural growth qualities that affect the way stains appear. For example, because of the “density” of birch and the softness of alder, these woods have areas that may absorb stains differently within the same area and create an inconsistent appearance. Other woods, such as cherry and hickory have mineral streaks that form noticeable dark and light areas when stained.

    PAINT FINISHES: Hairline cracks may appear at the joints due to natural wood movement caused by seasonal changes in humidity.

    GLAZED FINISHES: Glaze is applied and wiped by hand creating a “build up” in corners and profiles. Glazed is an artistic application and is intended to be random and unique for each application.

    “MELLOWING”: All wood species will change color with age and exposure to sunlight, heat and other elements. Some species are more susceptible to mellowing than others.

    Our manufacturing tolerance on laminated products is “1/32″ or 1mm. Warp specification is 1.5mm per lineal foot. Warp is measured with the door on the cabinet with hinges fully adjusted. We recommend storing all raw components in a temperature-controlled environment upon delivery.

    Wood doors are considered warped if they exceed the following tolerances:
    – Doors up to 24″ in height: maximum bow = 1/16″
    – Doors from 24″ to 48″ in height: maximum bow + 1/8″
    – Doors from 48″ to 72″ in height: maximum bow + 1/4″
    – Doors over 72” are not warranted for warp.

  9. Custom Furnishing Samples

    Arizona State Senate Lobby

    Great Western Bank reception desk

    See all the custom furnishings ACI’s Wood Shop recently built for Great Western Bank’s North Scottsdale offices