How to Search for a Product

Using the Search tools to find Products
Search by name or SKU
Scroll to Search Site text box at top or bottom of the page
Enter your search word(s)
Press the Enter, or Go, or Done key on your keyboard
Get the search results
Review search results
Click on item that matches what you need
Go to the product page
Review product details
Read specifications and reviews
Change quantity, if ordering more than one
Click plus or minus to see number you wish to order
Adjust quantity as needed
Find correct quantity
When quantity correct press Add to Cart
Note that item(s) have been added to Cart
Keep shopping by doing new search or clicking on related products below
When ready to proceed click on View Cart
Go to your Shopping Cart and review items and prices
Look at taxes and shipping options
If quantity needs to changed click the plus or minus sign
Get to correct quantity
When quantity correct, press Update Cart
Note that Cart has been updated and new quantity pricing appears
When you are ready press Proceed to Checkout

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