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Labor Contract Partners
[184 ex-offenders currently on staff]
Alliance Truss [5]
American Curb & Vent
AquaChill [9]
AZ Log & Timber
AZ Structural Laminators [1]
Bonded Logic
Cargill, Inc.
Classic Party Investments
Common Market (Swift) [10]
Continental Tire
ESB Modular
Erickson Construction [1]
Fiesta Canning [2]
Hickman’s Family Farms [45]
Hometown Hero [5]
JimGlo Trailer
Manheim Phoenix
Morrison Management
Pinal Energy [2]
Papa John’s Produce
Q2 Built LLC
Right Away Disposal
Safety Services [25]
Sun Country Trailers [4]
Televerde [75]
Trapp Technologies
United Fibers

For more than 20 years ACI has provided inmate labor for some of the best known companies in Arizona. Last year alone, ACI provided over 2 million hours of labor to private sector companies. We’re looking for long-term relationships with Arizona companies wishing to replace outsourced skilled labor (work that was previously or currently done out of state or even out of the U.S.). We’re sensitive about taking jobs from unemployed Arizona workers and make every effort to insure that no Arizona workers lose their jobs because of this program. However, we’re happy to compete with the Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian markets, as well as Mexico and other South American countries.

We believe ACI offers a perfect alternative to the distance-outsourcing challenges many companies face. Programs can be designed to provide eight to 100s of workers. We can supply transportation to your location (with some restrictions). We also have industrial space available within prison facilities that has proven to be beneficial for some of our partners. Currently we have space available in Yuma, Winslow, Kingman, Tucson, and Douglas.

This program requires a contractual agreement, a willingness to follow closely monitored security guidelines, and a desire to work with a very motivated group of incarcerated men and women who are willing to work hard when given the opportunity. Costs begin at the Federal or State minimum hourly rate (whichever is higher) per person, plus other very moderate and reasonable security and administrative charges. Be sure to read more about the program here.

What’s in it for you?

  • Motivated workers that can be relied upon to be at work on time and prepared to work.
  • Flexibility in production scheduling to meet the changes in demand for your product or service.
  • Workers available when you need them, without being on the payroll at times when demand is slow.
  • Safe, secure, cost-effective work space without huge investments.

What’s in it for your community?

  • Contributions by the inmate to the cost of their incarceration.
  • Inmate contributions to Victims Compensations funds.
  • Inmates can contribute to the support of their families.
  • Mandatory savings by the inmate. This builds a fund to help the inmate make the transition back into society.
  • Inmate contributions to court ordered restitution to victims.

Labor Contract Case Studies

For more information contact:

Michael McCarville, Regional Manager, Labor Contracts

Regional Manager, Labor Contracts

Bruce Shiflet, Reginonal Operations Manager, Labor Contracts

Regional Operations Manager, Labor Contracts

Corinne Hines-Samuelson

Labor Contracts Administrator
602 447-3133

Mario Diaz, Operations Bureau Administrator

Operations Bureau Administrator
602 447-3112

Eric Cole, Regional Manager Labor Contracts

Regional Operations Manager
602 447-3132

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