Labor Contract Partners

32 Labor Partners employ a total of 1,297 imates each day [a total of 184 ex-offenders are currently on their staffs]
Inmates: number of inmates who work with the partner each day
#_Hired: number of ex-offenders currently on staff with the partner
Partner Since Inmates Work Performed #_Hired Location(s) Inmates from ...
ADOT Motor Vehicle Division201138ADOT Motor Vehicle Division
answer and redirect first level inbound calls to the AZ motor vehicles department from individuals and businesses across the state
0Inside ComplexASPC Perryville
Alliance Truss201425Alliance Truss
build residential housing wooden trusses and wall framing units for AZ market
5Casa GrandeASPC Lewis
American Curb & Vent20069American Curb & Vent
build custom supports and sheet aluminum venting for HVAC and refrigeration for AZ market
0Inside ComplexASPC Lewis
b2b call center (at ACI Central) selling water filtration systems
9PhoenixASPC Perryville
AZ Log & Timber201113AZ Log & Timber
process wood products for Arizona highways
0EagarASPC Winslow
AZ Structural Laminators200830AZ Structural Laminators
assemble wooden beams for Arizona construction industry
1EagarASPC Winslow
Bonded Logic 201530Bonded Logic
assemble insulated packaging made from recycled clothing
0ChandlerCentral Arizona Correctional Facility
Cargill, Inc. (Cargill Animal Nutrition)20079Cargill, Inc. (Cargill Animal Nutrition)
package animal feed
0Casa GrandeASPC Florence
Classic Party Investments201614Classic Party Investments
perform warehouse maintenance and cleaning of party rental equipment
0PhoenixASP Phoenix West
Common Market (Swift)2003130Common Market (Swift)
provide complete semi-tractor and trailer repair services
10Inside ComplexASPC Lewis
Continental Tire20156Continental Tire
retread semi-tractor trailer tires
0Inside ComplexASPC Lewis
Desert Auto Glass20187Desert Auto Glass
perform call center functions
0Inside ComplexASPC Lewis
Du-Brook Dairies201828Du-Brook Dairies
perform various maintenance functions around a dairy farm
0Casa GrandeCentral Arizona Correctional Facility
Erickson Construction201631Erickson Construction
build residential housing wooden trusses and wall framing units for Arizona market
1ChandlerASP Phoenix West
ESB Modular200715ESB Modular
fabricate modular units for Arizona commercial buildings
0MaranaCCTF Marana
Fiesta Canning201410Fiesta Canning
prepare and can peppers for Arizona grocery stores
2McNealASPC Douglas
Hickman’s Family Farms1995221Hickman’s Family Farms
care for chickens, provide farm maintenance and package eggs
ASPC Perryville
ASPC Lewis
ASPC Florence
Hometown Hero201172Hometown Hero
call center, B2B selling of advertising
5Inside ComplexASPC Tucson
JimGlo Trailer201215JimGlo Trailer
fabricate high-end custom trailers (PIECP)
0Inside ComplexASP Kingman
Keefe Group201785Keefe Group
warehouse, packaging
0TucsonASPC Tucson
Manheim Phoenix199639Manheim Phoenix
clean and detail cars for auto auctions
0PhoenixASPC Perryville
Morrison Management201612Morrison Management
prepare meals for Phoenix hospitals
0PhoenixASPC Perryville
Papa John’s Produce201585Papa John’s Produce
cut and package fruit and produce for sale in AZ convenience stores
0TollesonASPC Perryville
ASPC Lewis
Phoenix Fibers20175Phoenix Fibers
sort recycled materials for various uses
0ChandlerCentral Arizona Correctional Facility
Pinal Energy20158Pinal Energy
process corn into ethanol for use as a gasoline additive
2MaricopaASPC Florence
Right Away Disposal201520Right Away Disposal
sort recycling materials for various uses
0Apache JunctionASPC Florence
Safety Services200235Safety Services
place B2B selling and customer service calls in a modern call center
25Inside ComplexASPC Yuma
Sun Country Trailer201427Sun Country Trailer
fabricate custom trailers for Arizona market
4PhoenixASPC Lewis
Superstition Components201814Superstition Components
build residential housing wooden trusses and wall framing units for AZ market
0Red Rock CDPRed Rock
call center, high-end (C-level) B2B lead generation
75Inside ComplexASPC Perryville
Trapp Technology20176Trapp Technology
make outbound calls to generate leads for B2B sales
0Inside ComplexASP Kingman
United Fibers201614United Fibers
sort City of Chandler recycling for use in paper-based acoustic ceiling tiles
0ChandlerCentral Arizona Correctional Facility

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