Labor Contract Partners

AZ Structural Laminators

AZ Structural Laminators
This successful partnership began in 2008 and currently employees 30 inmates each day (on average).‐ There are currently 1 ex-offenders working at AZ Structural Laminators
    The inmates in the program are learning real-world jobs skills as they assemble wooden beams for Arizona construction industry
City: Eagar

Complex: ASPC Winslow

ACI Staff: Michael McCarville
Johnnie McCoy
Inmate Hours 2017: 63,437

Revenue 2017: $ 563,791

AZ Structural Laminators

28 Current Labor Partners employ a total of 1,206 inmates each day
2 Responses to Labor Contract Partners
  1. I’m trying to help my niece get her life on track after being released from Perryville last May. We’re trying to file her taxes for 2019 – how do we get a W-2 from her work at Taylor Farms in 2019?

    thanks for any help you can offer – and thanks to Taylor Farms for trying to help these offenders get back on track.

    • Hello Linda,
      So glad to hear that your niece is getting on track after her release. Here is where she can get her tax information:

      Former inmates with questions about to their 1099s from their time working with ACI should call the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry at (602) 542-8182


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