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Through its private business partnerships, hundreds of inmates are learning invaluable technical skills each year.
  1. Regional Managers
    Michael McCarville, regional manager labor contracts

    Labor Operations Manager
    (602) 447-3129

    Bruce Shiflet, regional manager

    Labor Operations Manager
    (602) 447-3130

    Eric Cole, regional manager labor contracts

    Labor Operations Manager
    (602) 447-3132

Du-Brook Dairies

Du-Brook Dairies
This successful partnership began in 2018 and currently employees 28 inmates each day (on average).
    The inmates in the program are learning real-world jobs skills as they perform various maintenance functions around a dairy farm
City: Casa Grande

Complex: Central Arizona Correctional Facility

ACI Staff: Michael McCarville
Brian Chartier

Du-Brook Dairies

28 Current Labor Partners employ a total of 1,206 inmates each day