Red Rock

Red Rock Correctional Center (CCA)

Red Rock Correctional Center
1750 East Arica Road, Eloy, AZ 85131; 520 464-3800

Red Rock Correctional Center is a medium-custody private prison in Eloy, under contract with the Arizona Department of Corrections since January 2014 to provide custody for up to 1,000 adult male inmates. The facility opened in 2006, and is operated and managed by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

    No O&O Shops at this complex

1 Labor Partners employ a total of 18 imates each day

[a total of 0 ex-offenders are currently on their staffs]
Inmates: number of inmates who work with the partner each day
#_Hired: number of ex-offenders currently on staff with the partner
Partner Since Inmates Work Performed #_Hired Location(s)
Superstition Components201818build residential housing wooden trusses and wall framing units for AZ market. Watch a video on the program. 0Red Rock CDP

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