Meet The Team

Al Wesley, Central Regional Manager

Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager
(520) 868-4011 ext 25912

Alber tLitwa, Purchasing Manager

Procurement Manager
(602) 447-3115

Allen Drury

Printing Services Manager
623 853-0304

Anil Shulka

Accounting Specialist Manager
(602) 447-3157

Anna Heaton, IPS FLorence

IPS, Florence

Anna Stanilscia

Accounting Specialist I
(602) 447-3154

Annette Anaya, Account Manager

Account Manager
Office: (602) 447-3142
Cell: (480) 216-8307

Armando Aragon, IPS, Swift, ASPC-Lewis

Lead Industry Program Specialist Supervisor, Lewis

Arnold Garcia, SIgn Shop, CIP Speicalis

Sign Shop, CIP Specialist

Arrin McCoy

Accounting Specialist Supervisor
(602) 447-3155

Becky Horner, accounts payable

Accounting Specialist I
(602) 447-3156

Bernie Bronson, Lean Programs Administratro

Lean Program Administrator
(602) 447-3118

Bill Foster, Central Regional Manager

Central Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager
(520) 868-8238

Brenda Smith, CIPS Florence

CIPS, Florence

Brian Chartier, IPS

IPS Du-Brook Dairies

Brian Radecki, CEO

CEO/Assistant Director
(602) 272-7600

Bruce Shiflet, Labor Contracts Regional Manager

Labor Operations Manager
(602) 447-3130

Cecil Cruz, IPS, Bakery, Eyman

IPS, Bakery, Eyman

Clark DesSoye, Marketing Director

Marketing Director
(602) 622-2253

Corina Cutierrez, Accounting Project Speicalist

Inmate Program Project Specialist
(602) 447-3152

Corinne Hines-Samuelson

PPSI, Labor Contracts
(602) 447-3133

Dale Beatty, CFO

Chief Financial Officer
(602) 447-3113

David Barbee, Epicor ERP and IT support

Systems/ Local Area Network Administrator
(602) 447-3153

David Hymes, HR, Phoenix

Program Project Specialist I, HR, Phoenix

Derrick Hoskins, Safety Compliance Officer

Safety Compliance Officer

Eric Cole, Regional Manager Labor Contracts

Labor Operations Manager
(602) 447-3132

EpicorErin Corona, ERP Systems Administrator

Epicor ERP Systems Administrator

Deputy Assistant Director, Gail Fenkell

Deputy Assistant Director
(480) 594-6107

Gregg Hillebrand, Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager

Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager
(602) 447-3131

Jackie Jozwiak, Account Manager

Account Manager
Office: (602) 447-3143
Cell: (480) 486-653

Jacob Ward, Account Manger

Account Manager
602 447-3147
(cell) 480 487-5508

James Martin, IPS, Yuma

IPS, Security Services, Yuma

Jim Robideau, Industrial Yard Supervisor, Florence

Industrial Yard Supervisor, Florence

Jennifer Reitan, Buyer II

Buyer II
(602) 447-3159

Jesus Martinez, IPS

IPS, Hometown Hero Project, Tucson

Joe Lankford, Warehouse Supervisor, Florence

CIP Suprevisor, Warehoue, Florence

John Utley, Account Manager

Account Manager
(602) 447-3145
cell: (602) 388-7232

Jose Ruiz

Installation Manager
(602) 388-7387

Joe Britton, IPS Florence

Industry Program Specialist, Florence

Josh Delgado, Metal Fabrication Assistant Manager

Correctional Industries Production Specialist, Metal Fabrication, Florence
(520) 868-4011 ext 25926

Kim Keever

Buyer III
(602) 447-3116

Account Manager, Kyle Pettibone

Account Manager
Office: (602) 447-3122
Cell: (602) 388-2044

Lisa Myrick, IPS, Florence

IPS, Florence

Mario Diaz, Operations Bureau Administrator

Labor Operations Administrator
(602) 447-3112

Mark Brenner, Transportation manager, Florence

Transportation Manager, Florence

Michael McCarville, Labor Contracts Regional Manager

Labor Operations Manager
(602) 447-3129

Mike Moreno, IPS, Sewing, Florence

IPS, Sewing, Florence

Michael Zinn, Sales Manager

Sales Manager
(602) 447-3140
cell: (602) 388-7260

Michael Glover, IPS, Hickman's

IPS, Hickman's

Misty Wells, IPS Florence

IPS, Florence

Paul Sabel Wood Shop Manager, Florence

Wood Shop Manager, Florence

Wild Horse and Burro Program Manager
(520) 868-4011 x5932

Tana Elliott, Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative
(602) 447-3164

Tom Brown, Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager
(602) 447-3120

Trena Wheeler, Shift Manager, Bakery, Eyman

Shift Manager, Bakery, Eyman
520 868-0201 x 5075

Wayne Vikre

Assistant Controller
(602) 447-3150