As a Fiscal Services Specialist III, Mike Supervises the Accounts Payable and Inmate Payroll Departments

    The Arizona Correctional Industries Annual Meeting was held at Noah’s Event Center in Chandler, AZ, on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

CEO Brian Radecki recognized the ACI Employee of the Year as the meeting concluded.

Mike Campos FY2016 Employee of the Year

Brian Radecki (l) and Karen Hellman (r), Division Director for Inmate Program and Reentry, present Mike Campos with his award

“Mike joined ACI in June of 2014 as a Fiscal Services Specialist II after stints working in accounting, sales, marketing, customer service and tribal land development. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southern Utah University and an MBA from the University of Arizona.”

“He quickly proved to be a positive asset for ACI and in May of 2016, he was promoted to the position of Fiscal Services Specialist III, where he supervises the Accounts Payable and Inmate Payroll department. He appreciates all the opportunities that ACI has provided him and looks forward to continuing the mission of ACI as well as learning and growing in his new position.”

“During the last two years, he has exemplified great dedication to ACI while building strong relationships with our important ACI labor contract partners.”
ACI FY 2016 Awards
“He travels to new labor contract locations to instruct on proper reporting procedures and to resolve inmate pay issues. He continually meets with his civilian and inmate staff using effective interaction skills, keeping them well informed while mentoring them on ways to streamline processes.”

“His efforts led to greater efficiencies in the inmate payroll area with improved quality.”

“Please join me in congratulating our 2016 ACI Employee of the Year Michael Campos.”
2016 Annual Meeting Meeting Agenda

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