He responded to a life or death matter for an inmate working a night shift

Let’s all pull together a big congratulations for Michael Glover, the voted Employee of the 1st Quarter for FY2019!

Mr. Glover was hired in September 2013 as an Industry Program Specialist (IPS) and less than a year ago, he was promoted to ACI Program Specialist Supervisor.

Mr. Glover is described as a reliable supervisor who recently had to handle a very serious incident that happened while he was off duty. Mr. Glover responded to a life or death matter for an inmate working a night shift at his Labor Contract, Hickman’s.

Mr. Glover was off the clock when he was contacted by his staff, he immediately responded and ensured all emergency procedures were followed while trying to make arrangements to safely transport an inmate to the nearest hospital. Within a few hours of the incident, Mr. Glover provided all pictures/videos as well as written reports to both his supervisor and administrator.

Mike Glover, IPS

Programs Specialist Supervisor

Mr. Glover had no issue going the extra mile to ensure the incident was handled efficiently, his dedication to ACI and the inmate workforce is greatly recognized.

Congratulations Mr. Glover!

Michael Glover, Employee of the 2nd Q 2019

Labor Operations Administrator, Mario Diaz (l) and Regional Manager, Bruce Shiflet (r) present Michael Glover (c) with his Employee of the Quarter Award outside of ACI’s Central Office