Novelty License Plates

Tag Plant Catalog March 2016
ACI is now offering digitally printed novelty license plates. Our aluminum plates are 6” X 12” with an embossed rim. The graphics are printed on white, reflective sheeting. They can be used on your vehicles or as decorative features in your home or office. Wooden and aluminum frames and decorative stands are available at an additional cost.

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Novelty Plate Clocks

Any plate can be made into a clock (see pricing below). Our clock mechanisms require a single AA battery – Not Included.

Custom Plates
Still can´t find that one-of-a-kind plate or clock? Let’s get together and design the perfect plate for your needs. Whether it´s your business, bowling league, or favorite classic car, we have you covered. Simply send us your high resolution (300 + dpi) digital (.jpg) photo, or your company logo, and our design team will create your one-of-a-kind novelty plate. Below is a blank template that will help with the layout of your design.

Custom Digital/Sublimated Licence Plates

The “custom design fee” is a one-time fee for custom designs. If you choose to order 10 custom plates with the same custom design, you will be charged a one-time fee of $10. If you choose to have several custom designs, a $10 design fee will be charged for each design. Once your custom design has been created, it will be available to you at any time with no additional fee (for the exact same design).

When sending your information, be sure to name the files accordingly:

  • Your background should be named “background.jpg”

  • Your top legend file should be named “top legend”

  • Your bottom legend should be named “bottom legend”

  • And your center legend should be named “center legend”

House Numbers
ACI also offers custom house numbers. Digitally printed on white, reflective sheeting or embossed on our aluminum or copper plates. Our house number plates measure 12” long and 5” high. You can choose to have them embossed with our standard letters, or create your own with the help of our design team.