Outdoor Products

Standard or custom-designed outdoor products from Arizona Correctional Industries wood and metal fabrication shops are built to last, even in Arizona´s harsh weather conditions.

  1. Metal Fabrication Services

    Arizona Correctional Industries offers a wide variety of services at its Metal Fabrication Facility.

    The scope of the processes includes:

    On-site Drafting CAD using SolidWorks®
    Sandblasting max: 10’ w x 25’ l x 10’h
    CNC Plasma cutting max: 5’ w x 12’ l – 28gauge – 2”
    Shearing max: 10’- .5” plate
    Punching 70 Ton – max: 1.0625”
    Metal Lathe max: 7.75” diameter x 29.5” l
    Brake Press 200 Ton – max: 12’ – .25” Plate; 95 Ton – max: 12’ – 10g
    Pipe & Tube Bending max: 2” sch 40
    Notching max: 8” x 8”
    Plate & Sheet Steel Work
    Welding AWS Certifications: steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized
    Powder Coating max: 29’ l

    For specific details, please contact your sales representative with your ideas or needs. We can provide concept drawings of your project for approval. Upon signed approval, an estimate will be completed and presented to you before work on your project begins.

    In-state delivery via ACI Transportation Services is included in the price estimate.

    ACI is known for its quality products at affordable prices.

    Download Metal Fabrication Services pdf

  2. Outdoor Dining

    Patio Dining Table

    Patio Dining Table [MP2001] and Chairs [MP2002]


  3. Fencing and Stairs
    ACI security fence

    Security Fencing

    Stairs at Ben Avery Shooting Range

    Stairs and Railings

  4. Available Powdercoat and Polyarmor Colors

    Click on image to open new tab with larger images of colors.