Owned and Operated Shops

  1. Regional Managers
    Western Region

    Gregg Hillebrand, Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager

    Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager
    (602) 447-3131

      EF Block
      Graphic Arts and Printing
      Sewing (Douglas, Florence, Perryville)
      Signs and Engraving
    Eastern Region

    Al Wesley, Central Regional Manager

    Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager
    (520) 868-4011 ext 25912

      License Plates
    Central Region

    Bill Foster, Central Regional Manager

    Central Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager
    (520) 868-8238

      Fish Farm
      Metal Fabrication
      Wood Fabrication
      Wild Horse and Burro Program

Wood Shop

Wood Shop
This successful shop began in 2001 and currently employees 62 inmates each day (on average).
    The inmates in the program are learning real-world jobs skills as they make production CAD drawings, program CNC machines and fabricate custom furniture and cabinets
Complex: ASPC Florence

ACI Staff: Bill Foster
Paul Sabel
Christopher Williams
Product Categories:
Custom Furniture
Tables and Seating

Wood Shop

20 Current O&O Shops employ a total of 779 inmates each day