Standard Products

For the current price on our standard products you can simply search for it using the product name or SKU (product code) in one of the search tools available at the top and bottom of each page or select a category to see a product price list.

Custom Orders

Many ACI products and services are custom designed and fabricated to meet your specifications. For pricing on these we will need complete details to generate a quote and schedule for you. Depending on the item, we will need to know dimensions, colors, materials and delivery information. We have created many order worksheets to help ensure that you get all the necessary details as you submit your request for a quote. There are links to these worksheets (pdf files) on the pages for the specific products and services or for a comprehensive list of them go to Order Worksheets.

Design Services

Our sales and customer service representatives can help you design a custom order based on how and where the items will be used. For instance, if you have a 20 foot by 15 foot conference room in which you would like to install a meeting table with 12 chairs, two credenzas with file drawers, a podium and a bookcase, we could provide suggestions on sizes and styles of standard furnishings or help you design a unique conference suite especially for your space.

A few years ago the Arizona State Clemency Review Board asked us to create new hearing room furnishings by telling us the dimensions of the room and a few simple requirements, one of which was “can you make it look like the courtroom from the old Perry Mason TV show?” This is what ACI installed for them several weeks later.

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