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Current State-Set-Aside contracts include:

Contract Number Title
ADSPO15-087910 Linens – Set-Aside
ADSPO17-155057 Furniture, Office – Set-Aside
CTR044243 Cardboard File Boxes – Set-Aside
ADSP017-168208 Signage: Road and Regulatory, Decals, Acrylic Signs with Vinyl letters – Set-Aside
ADSP017-168122 Engraved Products – Set-Aside
CTR044240 Outdoor Furniture – Set-Aside
CTR044241 Bedding Products – Set-Aside

Arizona Procurement Portal
For more information on ACI State Contract Items, please visit Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) or download the State Set-Aside Brochure or Flyer.

In accordance with ARS § 41-2636 of the Arizona Procurement Code all state governmental units are required to endeavor to set aside one percent (1%) of new purchases or contracts for products, materials, and services from certified nonprofit agencies that serve individuals with disabilities (CNAID) and Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI).

The Set-Aside Committee convenes quarterly to determine those materials and services that are provided, manufactured, produced and offered for sale by Arizona industries for the blind, certified nonprofit agencies that serve individuals with disabilities and Arizona correctional industries and that satisfy the requirements of state governmental units and to establish a fair market price for all approved materials and services offered for sale that meet these requirements.

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.02, the Set-Aside Committee is providing this notice regarding the physical and electronic locations where all public notices regarding public meetings, including the meeting agenda, are posted.

The Set-Aside Committee posts all public notices, including the agenda, electronically at the Arizona Public Meeting Notices Website and the State Procurement Office website ( The Set-Aside Committee also physically posts all public notices, including the agenda, at the lobby of the State Procurement Office, 100 N. 15th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85007.

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