Locker: 2-Person Wardrobe

Locker: 2-Person Wardrobe

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Locker: – Level 4 54″W x 72″H x 12″D

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Level 4, 2-Inmate Locker 54″W x 72″H x 12″D
All steel welded construction consisting of 12 gauge steel body designed for simultaneous use by two inmates.
Divided into two distinct storage zones. Each storage zone includes:
– two 27”w x 12”h storage areas, one includes a lockable door
– two 13 11/42”w x 18”h open storage areas
– one 13 11/42”w x 12”h open storage area
– one 13 11/42”w x 48”h open storage area which includes four clothes hooks.
Overall dimensions: 54”w x 72”h x 12”d.
Finished with an acrylic enamel color of your choice.
ESW: 75 lbs.