Refurb & Reupholster

Due to potential virus transfer issues, ACI will NOT be taking in furniture for upholstery work or refinishing at our Phoenix office. This service will be resumed when the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

Full Reupholstery Services:

  • Custom upholstery
  • Cushion rebuilding
  • Fabric coordination
  • Car, Truck & Boat Seats
Full Wood Refinishing Services

  • Stripping
  • Re gluing
  • Damage repair
  • Staining and finishing
Broad Range of Furniture Services:

  • Caster replacement
  • Structural repair
  • Drawer glide work & on-site repairs

Please read more about ACI Refinishing Services and complete and sign the Special Project Worksheet to get the process started. If you are a new customer, please also complete the New Customer Request Form.

  1. See Some of Our Work

    Phoenix Police Museum

    Office furniture and customer’s personal furniture are subject to ripping, fading, soiling or becoming drab and outdated over time. Refurbishing and reupholstering your furniture can change and update your office or home, and with proper colors can bring the furniture to life, looking as good as new, and often preserving a treasured heirloom. ACI can repair or refurbish wood furniture whether its old, stained, painted, hard wood, soft wood, and just plain broken. Our skilled workers literally have time on their hands to devote all their attention to restoring your items to their original state. We are equally skilled with metal products that includes, sandblasting and powder coating metal. Our workers are experienced with vehicle chassis, horse and utility trailers, steel patio furniture, and refurbishing custom iron fencing.

    Call our Customer Service department today at 602-272-7600 (or contact one of our customer service representatives, see below). Please note, we are unable to pickup and deliver furniture to your residence, but your items can be dropped off locally at either our Florence warehouse or our Phoenix Administrative office.
    Restaurant Booth

  2. Vehicle Seating

    Vehicle Upholstery Services
    Car Seat before and after
    Vehicle Bench Seat

  3. How to Estimate Your Furniture Reupholstering Project Cost

    The furniture illustrations shown above are provided as a guide in determining the type and size of furniture that will be reupholstered. Your particular piece may vary in style, trim, width, etc. For yardage estimates, select the illustration on the chart that best matches the existing piece that is to be reupholstered.

    • Select a furniture item that closely resembles the item you would want reupholstered from the pictorial chart above
    • Then match the yards of material required to the estimated price below
      Yards of Material Upholstering Cost
      2 Yards $72
      3 Yards $126
      5 Yards $210
      6 Yards $252
      10 Yards $420
      12 Yards $504
      13 Yards $546
      14 Yards $588
      15 Yards $630
      35 Yards $1,470


      • You selected a typical Contemporary Recliner pictorial from the chart indicating a general usage of 5 yards of material required.
      • Next on the pricing chart find the corresponding charge for 5 Yards of material of $210 plus cover material cost.
      • The $210 includes a general estimate that covers the basics of reupholstery.
        The material to cover the item is your (the customer’s) responsibility to purchase at any local material store.
      • Any material purchased having a pattern, stripes, flowers, etc. will require additional yardage in order to have the proper alignments. (approximately 20% additional) Upholstery grade material can be purchased in many grades which can be $10.00 or more per yard, some being on the high end.
      • Should you purchase a $15.00 per yard material, then you add 5 times $15.00 ($75.00) to the base cost of $210 to obtain your total cost of reupholstering estimated at $285.00
    • If this estimated cost is acceptable, then contact a Customer Service Representatives (see below) to arrange for an exact cost based on the shop’s physical evaluation of your furniture item.

Let Arizona Correctional Industries take your furniture in almost any condition and make it just like new. Combining the techniques of hand-made furniture with modern materials, ACI’s wood and metal refurbishing produces stronger, more durable furniture at an affordable price. If you have special requirements for your office, school, or classroom, ask about our custom built furniture.

Please read more about ACI Refinishing Services and complete and sign the Special Project Worksheet to get the process started. If you are a new customer, please also complete the New Customer Request Form.

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