Security Fencing

ACI Administration

The ACI Administration Building at 3279 East Harbour Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034

When ACI moved into its new offices in the summer of 2015, there was a need for a security fence around the parking area at the back of the building where its fleet of vehicles could be safely parked. So the team from the industrial yard immediately began working on architectural and product drawings. These plans then were presented to the property owner’s management company for approval.

After presenting these drawings to the proper state, county and city permitting agencies, work began fabricating the fence.
ACI security fence

The security fence had to be solid enough to secure the parking area, but light enough to allow for the gates to be easily be opened and closed as needed.

Two heavy-duty padlocks secure each gate at night.

ACI security fence gate track

Creating custom solutions like this beautiful fence represents just one way that the skilled craftsmen and women at ACI can help you solve your pressing business challenges.

By the way, these same skilled steel fabricators also created the ACI Logo sign on the front of the the administration offices.

ACI security gate in motion

ACI security gate locks