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Our goal is to be more than mere vendors. We want to partner with businesses and organizations to ensure that we both benefit. Whether we’re printing business cards for a new member to the State House of Representatives or delivering 900 mattresses to the Northern Arizona University dorms, we want to make it as simple as possible to place the order and take delivery.

Of course, we will always strive to provide the best quality products at affordable prices. And we have been able to do both by working closely with our vendors and customers.

  • When we started buying mattress materials made of recycled cloth, we asked our supplier where they got the materials they processed. They told us it was mainly from discarded clothing and linens. “We’ve got lots of that in our prison system!” we told them. Within months we were providing them a steady stream of used clothing and they were using it in the mattress materials we bought from them. Needless to say, costs – for both of us – have came down substantially.
  • Several local farms, where we bought our dairy products and vegetables for inmate food services, lamented to us about how difficult it has become for them to find seasonal labor to help with their harvesting. By working with them, instead of merely buying from them, we’ve come up with programs to provide qualified inmate labor teams to meet their seasonal needs. Again, as partners, instead of just vendors, we’re both reaping huge benefits.

These are just a couple examples of the kinds of successful partnerships we’ve formed that blur the line between customer and supplier. We know that this type of partnership can be very helpful to start-up businesses or companies developing a new product as well.

Business Incubator

  • With our wood and metal fabrication facilities we can provide an affordable resource to create that prototype gizmo or gadget.
  • Our motivated inmates – a dependable, trainable workforce – can be an affordable alternative, as new manufacturing procedures are developed and market research data is collected. In fact, ACI labor has participated in:
    • Customer Satisfaction surveys
    • Product retrofits
    • Data Input
    • Work Processing/Editing
    • Document Preparation
    • Product recycling
    • Quality inspections and reviews
    • Product Assembly

Our main mission is to provide meaningful work and job training to inmates. We’d like to see them find real employment opportunities when they’re released. And by partnering with start-ups and expanding businesses, we can help make them future “job creators”… continuing our mission well beyond the prison walls.

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