Small Business Center

The purpose of the ACI Small Business Center is to give start-up businesses, or companies with new product offerings that are not proven yet, an opportunity to minimize cost during the introduction period of the product’s life cycle. Many small companies may only need a 2 or 3 of ACI’s workforce to help on special projects or to provide help for a minimal time period, where hiring full-time employees to do the work is not justified.

Some of the types of work the SBC has participated in are:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Product Retrofit
  • Data Input
  • Work Processing/Editing
  • Document Preparation
  • Product Recycling
  • Quality Inspections and Review
  • Product Assembly

The assignments can be as short as 1 day, or as long as months. The one common denominator is the work requires less than 10 full-time workers for a specific time frame. Companies or individuals must provide all materials and training, ACI will provide the workers and supervision. Most of the work will take place at our headquarters office/warehouse which is convenient to Central Phoenix. Typical costs are built around the hourly minimum wage rate, but can change depending on the project.

For more information contact:
Gregg Hillebrand, Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager

Regional Owned & Operated Shops Manager
(602) 447-3131

January 10, 2014

Dear ACI Team,
As a member of the Flatirons Solutions Team, please allow me to extend my warmest thanks
for all of your hard work and outstanding contribution toward serving our customers. We
know how much time, energy, and focus the engineering programs demanded this year.

On behalf of me and all of the Engineering Support team members at Flatirons Solutions,
we deeply appreciate all of your efforts in making this project a great success in 2013.

We look forward to 2014 and your continued outstanding service. You are a valued member
of this team and you’ve demonstrated again and again that we can count on you.

Thanks again for your great work and all that you do for Flatirons Solutions and its
customers. Rest assured your contributions make a real difference!

Charisse L White
Outsourcing Coordinator
Flatirons Solutions, Inc.

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