Taming Wild Horses

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4 Responses to Taming Wild Horses
  1. Is there a catalog for the upcoming sale? I can’t find it online

    • Hello, Angie,
      We don’t put out catalogs for upcoming adoption events. Your best option is to contact Randy Helm ([email protected]) to set up a time to go out to Florence and see the horses and burros. He will be able to show you the ones that are being trained and you can look over the ones that are still very wild.
      If you have special training you would like your animal to have, he can also work with you to provide it before adoption.
      In addition to regular adoption events, you can also pick a future time (usually Fridays) to complete the adoption process with the animal you have selected.
      Thank you for your interest in this program.

  2. I will be wanting to adopt an inmate trained horse sometime after the first of the year. Can I please get some more information about this process. I have reached out to Randy Helm via email as well and have not heard back.
    Can the adopted horse be selected prior to the training process, or is it all selected at an event or auction? Can the future adopter come out on occasion and watch as the inmates work with the horse? Does the horse have to go to an event to be adopted or can it be done directly at the holding/training facility in Florence?

    • Bruce Perkins: Thank you for your interest in adopting a horse from this program.
      Randy should be getting back to you soon.
      Yes, you can pick out a horse you would like trained before the training begins. It can be selected from among the horses that have already begun training or from those in the holding area that have just arrived from the wild.
      Randy can arrange for you to observe your horse throughout the training process.
      When arrangements are made ahead of time, animals can be adopted directly from the holding facility in Florence.
      Again, thank you for your interest in ACI’s Wild Horse and Inmate Program.


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