Becky Horner

Becky Horner, accounts receivable

Accounting Specialist I

Born in Indiana, I moved to Phoenix before my 2nd birthday. I grew up here, went to Loma Linda Grade School then to North Phoenix High School. Through DECA I worked at K-Mart and then, after my daughter was born, I went to work for Thrifty Drug Store until they closed down. Next I worked at the AZ Processing Center where I worked for Lucky Grocery Store in accounting, inventory, etc. until it got bought out by Albertson’s Grocery. I also worked for Safeway, Discount Cab, Creative Touch Interiors, and accounting staffing agencies until I was sent to work at ACI where I applied and got my current, permanent job.

When I first started working at ACI I supervised inmate M. Lopez. She is a awesome person with a lot of knowledge in accounting as well as other areas at ACI. Quick learner, always wanting to help out everyone as well as giving 110 percent to her own job, she helped me learn about everything here. After released about 2 years ago, she lives in Tucson with her family and works translating for different companies. I have asked her to move to Phoenix to work with me in accounts receivables but not being able to guarantee her a position it’s hard. She’s a fanatic person and is doing good in life and very easy to work with, she always has a smile and a nice word for all.

I enjoy the crazy in my job, most day. Nothing is ever the same from one day to another. I enjoy working with Dale Beatty and Wayne Vikre and can ask them anything that I have questions about and can disagree with them when it comes to my department. By working basically alone for the last year has taught me a lot about my abilities.

I recently moved in with my daughter and her boyfriend. They bought a large house and invited me and his mom to live with them.