David Hymes

David Hymes, hr

Program Project Specialist I, HR, Phoenix

I grew up in Plymouth Minnesota a suburb of Minneapolis. I attended Metropolitan State University in St. Paul Minnesota where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Prior to Covid in 2020 ACI HR had an inmate assistant that would update org charts, and other tasks not involving sensitive or personal information. Inmate Henz was instrumental in learning Visio to update the org chart and would always have the updates in very quickly after asking.

What I find the most satisfying about my job is processing of new hires. Knowing I played a part in bringing someone on board with ACI and giving them a job is really satisfying. It’s always happy to see how exciting people are when they meet me for the first time after they’ve been selected for a position.

On my last vacation I went back home to Minnesota to see family and friends. Went fishing out on the lake and my parents threw a BBQ with lawn games and fun activities in the backyard. It was a really great time!