Mario Diaz

Mario Diaz, Operations Bureau Administrator

Labor Operations Administrator
(602) 447-3112
ADC employee since 1991

Bio: My family migrated to the United States from Mexico and have always instilled in me to work hard, do the right things, and surround myself with honest, hard-working people. Starting my career in corrections at the age of 21, I had the opportunity to work in seven of the ten state prisons. I was able to gain experience in all custody levels; working both male and female populations, including mental health. I was exposed to many facets of human behavior during my twenty years of service and found that many who are incarcerated mean well and want to do well. I retired in October 2011 as a Correctional Major, and was given an opportunity to return to the ADC as part of the IPR Division working in Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI). Here I have been able to be part of a platform that allows inmates to make positive changes through hard work and accountability, thereby beginning their reentry process. I have been in a leadership role during 21 of my 26 year tenure, and use the Lincoln on Leadership Principles, as I believe him to be an exceptional leader, manager, and mentor. I often tell inmates who are part of the ACI program, “This is the side of the Agency I enjoy most after 20+ years because I get to see the good in those who truly want a second chance.” In my off time, my decompression is most generally spent with my family. We are avid outdoors people and spend time fishing, camping and hunting. My wife and I spend as much time as we can on our motorcycles and enjoy seeing the country on two wheels.