Paul Sabel

Paul Sabel, wood

Wood Shop Manager, Florence

I grew up in Port Washington, WI. Attended Port Washington High School. Attended University of Wisconsin, Stout, in Menominee WI. Moved to Arizona in 1973 and entered the home building industry. Worked in home building industry until 1990 when I started my own business, Sabel Construction Inc. Was a member of the Arizona City Fire District. I was elected as Fire Chief in 2004 and served until 2012. I had 24 years of service in Arizona City.
I was very impressed with many of the inmates when I started with ACI, not knowing what level of skill they possessed. One inmate in particular, Inmate Hutchins who is the production lead for the shop has very valuable skills in all processes of the shop and is able to help train newer inmates at particular stations throughout the shop. I have had numerous inmates who were very skillful and have been release from the corrections facility. I have requested information about how they are doing after release but was informed that ACI did not track the inmates. I believe it would be very helpful to know how the inmates succeed on the outside to make sure we are training them properly.
The most satisfying part of my job is working with the inmates and teaching them skills that I possess and hopefully will help them in doing their jobs here and train them for a job on the outside upon release. It is very satisfying to see raw material taken off the racks and produce cabinets and furniture for our customers.
I enjoy going camping with my family. Teaching my grandchildren about outdoor cooking and safety while camping. It is something they can use the rest of their lives.