30-Year Staffer Provides Much More than Customer Service Support

October was a momentous month for Customer Service Manager Tom Brown. As he:

  • Supervised publication of ACI’s FY2017 Annual Report
  • Was recognized for completing 30 years of employment with ACI
  • Organized another very successful Annual Meeting for the entire ACI staff
  • Earned Employee of the Year Honors
2017 Employee of the Year

CEO Brian Radecki presents the Employee of the Year plaque to Customer Service Manager Tom Brown at ACI’s Annual Employee Meeting at EVIT in Mesa, AZ

Four ACI Shops and Two Labor Contract Partnerships were also recognized for their outstanding FY2017 performance

  • Bakery: Nearly 2% more profitable at 13.4%
  • Tag Plant (License Plates): Finalized 3M/ADOT contract; nearly 1% more profitable at 28.3%
  • Sewing, Douglas: More than $2 million in revenue for FY 2017! Profitablity rose more than 8% reaching 26.9% for the year.
  • Sewing, Perryville: Increased profitability by nearly 13% to 30.8%
  • Papa John’s Produce (Phoenix)
  • Right Away Disposal (RAD, Apache Junction)
2017 Outstanding Shop Award

CEO Brian Radecki presents on the 2017 Platinum Shop of the Year Awards to Perryvillle Sewing facility manager, John Hawley

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  1. Congratulations to Tom Brown on another Year of excellence…


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