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AMS (Lean)

Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI) continues to make great strides in developing and maintaining a Lean program throughout the company to include, owned and operated shops, business office and labor contracts. ACI’s Lean program, using the proven methods of Lean, continually strives for a better way to provide a wide variety of custom, semi-custom and standard products and services to our customers faster and of a higher quality than ever before.

Bernie Bronson, Lean Programs Administratro

Bernie Bronson

Lean Program Administrator
(602) 447-3118

Our Lean program is directed towards total customer satisfaction and accomplishes that goal by setting targets and expectations for every process to ensure the customer’s expectations are met or exceeded. The Lean program also focuses on creating standard practices across the many shops and other business processes to ensure that all products or services follow a specific set of steps and quality checkpoints to greatly reduce if not eliminate all opportunities for errors.

Moving forward all staff at every facility will be trained in continuous improvement methods to help them identify opportunities to reduce delays, minimize waste and scrap and whenever possible add more value for the customer. Our Lean program also directly aligns with the mission of Arizona Correctional Industries by teaching inmates the various Lean methods they can use in the shops so they can develop marketable job skills, increasing the likelihood of outside employment reducing the opportunity of returning to prison.