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Call center operations offer real-time marketing and communication skills that can be used post incarceration. This is a great foundation for developing professional skills needed to be successful in areas of lead generation, appointment setting, qualifying prospects, customer service, sales and data collection.

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Case studies


AquaChill, Phoenix, AZ

Challenge: Like many businesses that depend on telephone sales, management was frustrated by the high turnover rate in their call center operation. The continuous hiring, training and monitoring of staff was a strain on management resources. Having heard that they could engage a reliable workforce of inmates, they contacted ACI to see if they could reduce their 90% turnover rate for staff in these key roles.


Safety Services, Tempe, AZ

Challenge: Safety Services Company has grown into one of INC Magazine’s Top Companies for the sixth year in a row. “I knew that we could quickly become a major player in the untapped safety training and compliance market, if we could just reach businesses desperate for our services,” explained Devon Dickinson, founder and current board member.


Hometown Hero Project, Tucson, AZ

Challenge: Like most phone sales businesses, it is very difficult keeping new people on staff long enough to learn how to become successful. So management turned to ACI to hire an inmate staff that they could teach real-world B2B phone advertising sales skills.


ADOT Motor Vehicle Department, Phoenix, AZ

Challenge: The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) is an extremely busy state agency that served 2.7 million customers and processed 15 million transactions in FY 2020. Inbound calls from Arizona taxpayers run in the thousands each day. Making sure these calls are quickly routed to the office best capable of handling the customers’ needs is an important task. This first-level call center has always been a challenge with very high turnover rates.


Trapp Technology, Phoenix, AZ

Challenge: David Trapp’s successful technology company was struggling to find new business customers for his security software. He knew of Televerde’s business model and was wondering if he could create a B2B lead generation call center within a prison.


Televerde, Phoenix, AZ

Challenge: In 1995, James Hooker was running a successful technology company and believed that the high-end (C-level) B2B (business to business) lead generation techniques that he’d developed could be used effectively in related industries. To make the switch to a marketing/lead generation company, he knew he needed a vast pool of call center talent that he could train. At the time, most such talent was found overseas and he wanted to keep his business local.