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Labor Partnership call centers

Call center operations offer real-time marketing and communication skills that can be used post incarceration. This is a great foundation for developing professional skills needed to be successful in areas of lead generation, appointment setting, qualifying prospects, customer service, sales and data collection.


Our partnerships with leaders in the construction and manufacturing of components for builders provides training and trade skills in panelized framing; wall panels, floor panels and roof systems construction, as well as millwork, drywall, warehousing, project management, and logistics.

Ascent Aviation Airport View

ACI provides a workforce that is learning basic component removal, to complete teardown of the airframe, for both wide and narrow body aircraft.

Labor Partnership farming

Arizona agriculture exports vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, wheat, hay, cotton, eggs, beef and milk to 70 countries and across the U.S. Today, agriculture in Arizona contributes more than $23.3 billion to the state’s economy. ACI inmate workforces are part of the history of Arizona agriculture, learning skills from heavy equipment operators, tractor mechanics, welding, general maintenance, state of the art robotics packaging and sorting, warehouse/inventory analyst.

Labor Partnership: Heavy Vehicle Repair (CME: Swift Transportation)

ACI’s partnership in this industry prepares incarcerated individuals with state-of-the-art diesel mechanic skills and certifications. Incarcerated works also learn skills in welding, advanced tractor trailer frame straightening, electrical systems, upholstery, and tractor trailer body repair.

Labor Partnership trailer manufacturing

Our workforce in this industry is one of the best in the country. Incarcerated individuals are learning welding, manufacturing, trailer electronics and hydraulic installation.