Labor Partnerships

Labor Partnerships

Labor Partnerships

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ACI is your perfect partner to augment your workforce

We can provide a stable workforce to augment your labor force whether you are already based in the State of Arizona or considering opening a facility here.

Our partnerships can be designed to provide a workforce that meets your needs and an agreed upon number of exceptional motivated men and women.

We can offer industrial space in prison facilities across the state, as well as supply workforce and transportation to your location (with some restrictions).

What’s in it for you?

  • Motivated workers that can be relied upon to be at work on time, no paid vacation, no paid sick leave, and prepared to work.
    Flexibility in production scheduling to meet the changes in demand for your product or service.
  • Safe, secure, cost-effective work space without lease or rent agreements inside our prison facilities.
  • Post incarceration men and women ready and skilled to join your company as a civilian on day one of release.
  • Employment with your company post release gives you the opportunity to apply for a tax credit. (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)

What’s in it for your community?

  • 31% of inmates participating in our workforce programs are less likely to recidivate. Cost savings to the tax payers of approximately $26k a year for every incarcerated individual that does not return to prison.
  • Inmates can contribute to the support of their families.
  • Mandatory savings by the inmate. This builds a fund to help the inmate make the transition post incarceration.
  • Inmate contributions to court ordered restitution to victims compensation, room and board, child support, alcohol abuse treatment fund.