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Combining the techniques of handmade furniture with modern materials, ACI’s wood, metal and upholstery refurbishing produces stronger and more durable furniture at affordable prices.

Major renovation projects can present unique challenges for the facilities managers and administrators. These types of projects are very complex, making it critical to use a provider with experience on every aspect of the project, such as:

  • An experienced team to remove items to be repaired. Sometimes there are thousands of pieces that need to be taken apart, catalogued and transported. Your provider should have experience successfully handling all of these details.
  • A variety of vehicles to transport to and from the renovation site
  • Ability to refurbish everything needed, for instance:
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Upholstery capabilities
  • Other critical capabilities may include sandblasting, powder coating, CNC machines, skilled CAD/Solidworks professionals, sewing capabilities, skilled craftspeople, and specialized production equipment
  • Experienced delivery and installation team

ACI has all of these capabilities. Nothing is outsourced. Skilled craftspeople professionally handle every aspect of these types of projects. As an Arizona State Set-Aside* contractor, we work with both government agencies and private businesses, and:

  • Prices and quality are monitored by the Arizona state procurement office
  • You know you’re getting competitive quotes
  • State agencies can purchase from ACI with no lengthy RFP or bidding process

ACI has worked with Arizona Parks and Recreation, Arizona Game and Fish, the Arizona legislature, the Governor’s office, schools, and various city and county parks departments to successfully complete renovation and upgrade projects.

*State Set-Aside: beyond the list of standard products and services detailed on the APP (state procurement) site, custom products and services provided by these providers (ACI) also apply. For instance, many times an office will need custom furnishings to accommodate space issues and the requirements of the people using that office. Though the price for these items is not reviewed by the committee, they are assumed to meet its approval under the statute. So you can contract with these providers (ACI) confidently for infrastructure repair and upgrade projects.


  1. Full Wood Refinishing Services
    • Stripping
    • Re-gluing
    • Damage repair
    • Staining and finishing
    • Caster replacement
    • Structural repair
    • Drawer glide work & on-site repairs
  2. Full Metal Refinishing Services
    • Sand Blasting
    • Grinding and Sanding
    • Welding
    • Priming
    • Color Matching
    • Powder Coating

For more information and pricing, please contact:

Erika Seborg, Sales & Marketing Manager

(602) 309-2161[email protected]

Tana Elliott, Customer Service Manager

(602) 447-3164[email protected]

  1. Full Upholstery Services
    • Custom upholstery
    • Cushion rebuilding
    • Fabric coordination
    • Car, Truck & Boat Seats


Case Studies

Phoenix College Logo

Phoenix College’s Bulpitt Auditorium

Challenge: The college facilities manager wanted to reupholster the 674 seats in the Bulpitt Auditorium where events are hosted throughout the year.

Arizona State Seal

Arizona State Senate

Challenge: The theater-style seats in the gallery behind the senate chamber needed to be reupholstered. They also needed to be unbolted from the tiered floor, sand-blasted, refinished and, where necessary, have springs and padding replaced. State Senate Sergeant-At-Arms, Joe Kubaki, did not want to act as a general contractor to all of the various providers needed to do all of these different services, including transporting the huge rows of attached seats from the capitol. There are very few (if any) general contractors who would want to tackle this type of project, with a tight schedule and working with a wide variety of subcontractors.