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  • Donna Ovitt

    5-Star Rating

    I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to ACI staff for the work performed on my patio set recently.  The set consisted of 8 pieces (metal and wood) that required a considerable amount of work due to both rust and sun exposure over the years. The quality of work performed was beyond my expectations  and was completed in a timely manner. Friends and family members who were familiar with the set before it was refurbished were very surprised at the finished product, stating that it looked like a new set. Thanks for a job well done!  
    ~ Donna Ovitt

    Capabilities Category: ACI Refurbishing & Upholstery

  • Keefe Group

    "Keefe Group is proud to partner with ACI in a program that helps inmates learn valuable skills, gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, and increase their chances of success after incarceration. We also benefit from an ACI inmate workforce that helps keep our facility operating smoothly and efficiently. It’s a win-win relationship."
    ~Matt Cook, Chief Operating Officer

    Capabilities Category: Workforce Development Partnership

  • Trapp Technology

    "Trapp Technology is extremely thankful for the partnership with ACI and the Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry. Our program has been a game changer for our Sales and Marketing departments' output and overall company growth. We get access to labor that is dedicated and extremely hard working. From that dedication and hard work, we have, for two years running, achieved our stated sales targets.

    Along the way, we also strive to provide a great work environment that builds skills and experience that our employees can take forward with them, whether that is with Trapp or with another company. We are so proud of the transitions many of our employees have made back into the real world."
    ~Jay Bouche, Chief Marketing Officer

    Capabilities Category: Workforce Development Partnership - Call Center

  • Chandler Police Department

    "All I can say is WOW! You guys are amazing. I was truly in awe when I saw the finished project.  I can’t wait to hang the art work  so that everyone can see how awesome it is."
    ~Andy McIlveen, Detective

    Capabilities Category: ACI Metal Fabrication, ACI Wood Fabrication, ACI Printing & Signage

  • Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry

    "We received the brochures yesterday and appreciate your efforts in completing the project ahead of the expected completion date. You went the extra mile to make this happen!! The brochures look great and will be distributed to ASU students at a presentation made by the Director regarding internship opportunities within the department. You Exceeded Expectations!! Thank you."
    ~Sam Keomaka, HR Staffing Manager

    Capabilities Category: ACI Printing & Signage

  • Miami Unified Schools

    "The trophy cabinets are superbly made to the exact design and dimensions we requested. They were delivered on time and installed to perfection by the inmates and their supervisor. This brings a total of 22 ACI trophy cabinets in our Sports Hall of Fame complex. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Carlos Esparza in the purchase of the cabinets."
    ~Ed Long, Chairman, Miami (AZ) Sports Hall of Fame Committee

    Capabilities Category: ACI Wood Fabrication

  • Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections

    "In April of this year, the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections honored several outstanding staff during the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony. The celebration marked the implementation of a new and streamlined program that updated the process of identifying deserving recipients, as well as establishing and designing all new award categories and certificates. That being said, the success of this event could not have been accomplished without the assistance of Arizona Correctional Industries and in particular the hard work, effort and dedication of Tom Brown.  Tom spearheaded a totally new design template for plaques in the following categories: Esprit de Corps, Exceptional Service, Employee of the Year, Life Saving Award, Outstanding Community Partner, Government Partner, Director's Award, and even a plaque presented to me by my staff. The plaques were an overwhelming success. The exceptional workmanship and styling included a new 3-D option with our logo. The quality and modern appearance were well received by the staff and the Executive Team. It was truly an honor to present these plaques as tokens of our appreciation and memorialization of our staff's exceptional efforts as a group and or individual. Additionally, we purchased certificates designed by ACI for staff commendation and individual certificates for staff recognized as team member for the Esprit de Corps award. The certificates were another example of the care and attention to detail provided by Tom, especially the customization of the certificate to match the Esprit de Corps plaque. Lastly, ACI and Tom's team designed the cover and assembled 180 professional quality programs for the event.  In total, 31 plaques; 85 certificates and 180 program covers were provided by ACI. Tom's efforts were instrumental in providing these professional products in a timely manner. Thank you very much for contributing to the success of our event."
    ~Charles Flanagan, Director

    Capabilities Category: ACI Printing & Signage, ACI Metal Fabrication, ACI Wood Fabrication

  • Library Division: Arizona Secretary of State

    "Here at the State Library we have had some tremendous difficulty with certain vendors over the last 12 to 18 months. Recently, I've started coming to ACI with a few of our on-going projects and even threw Tom Brown (Customer Service Manager) a curve ball when I asked if anyone could design a logo for a symposium we're doing in March. We couldn't be happier with the results. Everything Tom has taken on has come back on time, at a cost that's reasonable, and with a finished product that has far exceeded expectations. I have recommended ACI's services to our Library Development Division to be our primary service provider for all 420+ public libraries in Arizona. Although most of them have long-established partnerships with their local vendors; I know that over time they will start coming to ACI for their various needs (plaques, service awards, recognitions, etc.).  I'll continue to offer you as an option that they won't regret. And that logo? It's perfect. Just what we had in mind. Thank you so much all you do and you have a great employee with Tom Brown."
    ~Dr. Ted Hale, Deputy Director

    Capabilities Category: ACI Printing & Signage, ACI Wood Fabrication

  • Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections

    "Each year the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections honors several outstanding staff and community partners during our annual Employee Recognition Ceremony. This past April we had the pleasure of once again working with Mr. Thomas Brown and his staff to design and create awards; certificates and programs for this year's ceremony. In addition to the plaque and certificate templates that Tom and his crew had designed for last year's event; this year we added a new plaque and certificate template for our Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports award. Once again, we were amazed by his team's creative workmanship. It was truly an honor to present these plaques and certificates as tokens of our appreciation and to celebrate our staff's exceptional efforts. I would like to commend Tom and his support team from the Sublimation Department; Gretchen Jones (ADC219170); Elizabeth Quiroga (ADC244869) and Cindy Deeringwater (ADC282776). Their attention to detail and relentless determination to release a quality product on time is second to none. We are proud to have Tom and his crew as part of our team and look forward to future projects. In total; 37 plaques; 176 certificates and 180 program covers were provided by ACI. Tom's efforts were instrumental in providing these professional products in a timely manner and free of errors - a positive reflection of the workmanship and quality that I know ACI to produce. Thank you very much for contributing to the success of our event."
    ~Dona Marie Markley, Assistant Director

    Capabilities Category: ACI Printing & Signage, ACI Metal Fabrication, ACI Wood Fabrication

  • United States Congress

    "Director Ryan, please allow me to express my thanks to you and your exceptional team at  Arizona Correctional Industries that assisted with the allocation and delivery of our new conference table. The table and chairs are a beautiful addition to our district office and I could not be more grateful for how helpful you and your team were. Thank you again for your exceptional service!"
    ~David Schweikert, United States Congressman, 6th District

    Capabilities Category: ACI Furniture

  • Flatirons Solutions

    "As a member of the Flatirons Solutions Team, please allow me to extend my warmest thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contribution toward serving our customers. We know how much time, energy, and focus the engineering programs demanded this year. On behalf of me and all of the Engineering Support team members at Flatirons Solutions, we deeply appreciate all of your efforts  in making this project a great success. We look forward to your continued outstanding service. You are a valued member of this team and you’ve demonstrated  again and again that we can count on you. Thanks again for your great work and all that you do for Flatirons Solutions and its customers. Rest assured your contributions make a real difference!"
    ~Charisse White, Outsourcing Coordinator

    Capabilities Category: Workforce Development Partnership - Call Center

  • AZ Common Ground

    "Thank you so much for working so quickly to create our awards for our honorees. After visiting with you yesterday at ACI, I realized how significant it would be to have our awards created by your team, and then when I saw the designs - they were perfect! They look awesome! The event was great and part of its success was due to you and your team."

    "Over the past 4 working days I have watched two of your work crews from Phoenix continuously work hard at our Tucson Office, removing metal shelving and flooring. I was especially impressed with the leadership and guidance of their ACI supervisors, especially Mr. Estrada. Please ensure that the ACI Management and Director are aware of the quality and quantity of work these men and their crews do."
    ~Frantz Beasley, President

    Capabilities Category: ACI Metal Fabrication, ACI Refurbishing & Upholstery, ACI Printing & Signage

  • Arizona State University

    "We are very pleased with the lockers. They appear to be well built and should last us a long time. Arrived before we expected. Thank you!"
    ~Craig Danielson, Professor

    Capabilities Category: ACI Metal Fabrication

  • Ramona and Bill Beauvais

    "I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job your workers did on our chairs.  Our daughter had chairs done with you a few years ago and they were perfect.  She still gets compliments on them.  So we decided to see if your workers were still doing upholstery and are very glad they are.  The work is wonderful and the price is outstanding.  Please let everyone know who worked on our chairs how happy we are with them. Merry Christmas and thanks."
    ~Ramona and Bill Beauvais

    Capabilities Category: ACI Refurbishing & Upholstery