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Vinyl wrapping is a process that allows you to protect your vehicle’s exterior without needing to repaint it. Similar to a decal, a thin film of vinyl is applied over your car’s exterior paint and secured with adhesive.

Vinyl wrap is laminated and not as susceptible to UV rays as paint (vinyl wrap reduces fading over time). Vehicle wraps (unlike paint) do not require waxing the finish. With vinyl wraps, simply use soap and water to keep the surface clean.

The inmates trained in vinyl wrapping possess a marketable skill that will offer immediate employment opportunities upon their release. To help ensure the highest quality of vinyl wrapping services, ACI teamed with 3M™ to train inmates on the proper application of vinyl.

In addition to vinyl wrapping we also offer spot graphics application and provide these services to many state agencies.

Let us dress up your new or aging fleet.

For more information and pricing, please contact:

Erika Seborg, Sales & Marketing Manager

(602) 309-2161[email protected]

Tana Elliott, Customer Service Manager

(602) 447-3164[email protected]